Demi Burnett shares her very creative revenge plans for Bachelor in Paradise viewers sending nasty DMs

Demi Burnett on Bachelor in Paradise
Demi Burnett is ready for revenge against all the people sending rude DMs. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett is ready to get some revenge on those Bachelor in Paradise viewers who keep popping into her DMs with hate messages and the way she says she’ll go about it is actually pretty creative… and funny.

The Bachelor Nation star has managed to become a franchise villain once again this season after making it clear on arrival that she was there to break some hearts before shamelessly going after whichever guy caught her eye in the moment, regardless of whether he was coupled up with someone else or not.

After getting rejected twice, by Brendan first and then Kenny, both of which were not interested in going to the Boom Boom Room with her, it seems that the Demi hate is still going strong despite some pretty formidable distractions by way of Brendan and Pieper, who have managed to make all of Bachelor Nation hate them.

Not to mention the latest episode, where Chris Conran and Alana Milne were also called out and run out of Mexico, with the BIP cast claiming that they were doing exactly what Brendan and Pieper did.

Still, Demi Burnett is that Bachelor Nation star that everyone loves to hate but if you’re sending her hate… watch out.

Demi Burnett’s warning to the haters in her DMs

In case you weren’t aware, Demi Burnett is on TikTok and she’s pretty active there too. And this week, she used that platform to address those who won’t stay out of her DMs with negative messages.

“If you DM me repetitively, slut-shaming me, calling me a w***e, calling me a hoe, whatever your vice is…I will personally make it my mission to have sex with your entire family as long as it is consensual, thank you!” Demi said in the TikTok video.

She also added a disclaimer in the caption that read, “I am dramatic and this is a joke I repeat a joke. But really stop slut-shaming, who cares who people pork.”


I am dramatic and this is a joke I repeat a joke. But really stop slut shaming, who cares who people pork #fyp

♬ original sound – Demi Burnett

Demi Burnett’s followers respond and it is hilarious

It seems that Demi Burnett’s warning may not have worked quite the way she wanted it to because now, there are plenty of her own fans lining up in the comments to let her know about their own family members who have been saying bad things about her.

The top comment comments Demi Burnett for making sure to point out “As long as it’s consensual,” calling the Bachelor Nation star a “QUEEN.”

The other top two commenters took Demi’s “joke” and threw it right back at her. The first said, “I believe my cousin call you a bad name! I’m ready…”

The third most-liked comment was similar, saying, “My brother was talking smack.. do what you must with me.”

The rest of the comments section saw much of the same, with some discussion mixed in about how Bachelor in Paradise viewers can be brutal and plenty of love for Demi Burnett.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Wade Wallace
Wade Wallace
2 years ago

You’re a very beautiful woman and I’d love to be your choice. Don’t be listening to the negatives. They have nothing better to do than be nasty to other people. It’s what makes them happy because they have nothing better to do. Remain positive and look for a man who loves you for you. Get smart like Katie Thurston and Trista Sutter(Rhen) and listen to your heart and not your eyes. You’ll find the man of your dreams who’ll love you for the rest of your life. Good luck to you. You can have my rose any time.

Wade Wallace