Demi Burnett reveals toxic trust issues in her breakup with Slater Davis

Demi Burnett
Demi Burnett reveals toxic issues in her breakup with Slater Davis. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett is a famous face within The Bachelor franchise. She competed on Colton Underwood’s season, but didn’t make headlines until her stint on Bachelor In Paradise.

It was there that she confirmed that she had started a relationship with a woman.

Producers brought Kristian Haggerty to Mexico so they could explore their relationship together on the show.

Before the season was over, the two were engaged, and their proposal marked the first for a same-sex couple on the show. But as with so many other Bachelor couples, the relationship crumbled and the two ended their engagement months later.

In February of this year, Demi confirmed she was dating a man named Slater Davis. But she’s now saying that they have split, in part due to COVID-19.

Demi Burnett explains she and Slater had issues in quarantine

While quarantine has brought some couples closer together, Demi reveals that it had the opposite effect on her relationship. Fans had guessed that they had split because Demi removed pictures of herself with Slater from her Instagram.

“I recently broke up with my boyfriend,” she said on her podcast, Big Demi Energy. “I love him, I’m crazy about him, he’s wonderful, and it’s just been really hard. But we are wanting to work on ourselves and we are still very good friends. It’s just never fun whenever you’re going through that.”

Demi then explained that being in quarantine together when they hadn’t been dating for that long was hard on their relationship. She pointed out that they had just met about a month prior to the shutdown, so they went from not knowing each other very well to spending every day together.

They also had different ideas about what to do during quarantine- Demi wanted to take a break and slow down a bit, whereas Slater preferred to stay busy and work on his music.

“Quarantine really has damaged so many relationships,” she added. “I know several people that have broken up because of it.”

“It’s toxic on every level, whenever you get to that point where you’re questioning everything each other’s doing. It’s a trust thing,” she said about the relationship. “If you can’t trust each other, you’re never going to have a relationship, and I know I did everything I could to be trustworthy. I know I was up to nothing, I was always f—ing loyal, everything was about Slater. But if you have trust issues, you’re still going to question everything. And I questioned everything he was doing, he questioned everything I was doing.”

Demi Burnett’s love life has seen ups and downs

During her time in the spotlight, Demi’s love life has seen ups and downs. After she split from Kristian, she took some time for herself. Kristian moved on with someone she had known for years, and that new girlfriend seemingly shaded Demi online.

Demi was recently spotted in a picture on Nick Viall’s Instagram profile, which prompted fans to question whether they were dating. Nick had previously revealed that he was dating someone and has since been spotted with both Demi and Andi Dorfman.

Nick confirmed that his new significant other isn’t Andi, but he wasn’t so quick to clear up rumors regarding Demi. The two know each other well and he has revealed he considers her a good friend. Fans will surely keep following see if their relationship remains friendly or turns into something more.

Bachelor In Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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