Kristian Haggerty has a new girlfriend and she may have just shaded Demi Burnett

Kristian Haggerty
Kristian Haggerty has moved on. Pic credit: ABC

Kristian Haggerty was Demi Burnett’s love interest on Bachelor In Paradise.

Kristian wasn’t part of the Bachelor cast, so she was brought onto the show to see if there was a connection with Demi.

Throughout filming, Demi realized that she liked Kristian, and the two ended up engaged. But this past fall, they announced they were separating.

Even though Demi hasn’t announced a new relationship yet, it appears that Kristian has moved forward.

Kristian Haggerty is dating Taylor Blake

Kristian is dating a woman named Taylor Blake. The two appeared on Blake’s Instagram with a photo of them passionately kissing in a what appears to be a bathroom.

In the post, Taylor revealed that she’s known Kristian for years and how she’s waited for them to get together.

This week, Haggerty revealed to US Weekly that Taylor has been a comfort as she didn’t like being in the spotlight.

“She’s been a huge comfort and a pillar of support, especially when it comes to navigating a more public life,” she told the magazine in what appears to be a mild dig at Demi, who has spent a lot of time in the spotlight during her time on The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise.

Kristian Haggerty made history with Demi on Bachelor In Paradise

Kristian didn’t talk about the age difference with Demi. However, we did some digging when the two were on Bachelor In Paradise together. While Kristian was 27 at the time, Demi was 23 years old.

The two made history on Bachelor In Paradise for being the first same-sex couple on the show. While Demi was interested in seeing whether she wanted to be with a man or a woman, it became clear that she missed Kristian.

Rather than leaving paradise behind, the producers brought Kristian to Mexico so they could explore their relationship.

Because they were interested in each other, and in women, the two didn’t face any competition from the other contestants, which allowed them to explore their feelings.

The two eventually got engaged before heading home.

Demi would later face criticism over her relationship with Kristian, but not because she was into women.

Many viewers thought that she had staged the entire thing so she could come out as bisexual on national television. She denied those allegations, arguing she had just followed her heart.

Bachelor In Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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