Deena Cortese defends date night with husband amid backlash from Jersey Shore fans

Deena Cortese on Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Deena Cortese defends herself after she was criticized for having a date night with her husband Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Deena Cortese and her husband Chris Buckner recently welcomed their new baby boy, Cameron to their family.

Cameron was born last week and joins his older brother, CJ. Deena shared adorable photos of the bonding time between her new little family.

Following Cameron’s birth, Deena and Chris hit the town for a dinner date. Deena looked fabulous after just giving birth the week prior.

She was excited to get some alone time with Chris, but some Jersey Shore fans tried to ruin the mood. Deena and Chris were criticized for leaving their newborn so soon as well as for going out to dinner and not wearing masks during a pandemic.

Deena quickly clapped back at fans, and wasn’t going to let them ruin her night.

Deena Cortese defends date night with husband amid backlash from Jersey Shore fans

Being pregnant in the midst of a pregnant was undoubtedly stressful for Deena and she was excited to share a dinner with her husband.

After fans starting hating on her date night, she quickly clapped back and defended their alone time.

Deena shared a photo of her and Chris and thanked the children’s grandmother for watching the kids while they went out to celebrate with each other.

She then addressed the criticism she received and said, “we were home within an hour and a half.. the boys were in great hands with their Gigi (grandma) we also think it’s very important to keep our relationship and partnership alive by having us time.”

She continued, “I felt good enough to have a dinner date to celebrate the life we made together .. not even two hours later we are back with the babies .. we wore our masks n changed and washed our hands as soon as we got into the house,”

Deena then reiterated that her and Chris are good parents and said, “we are GREAT parents and an hour and a half isn’t going to stop me from bonding with my son you crazy b**ches.”

The caption ended with Deena telling “the women who are not so judgmental” that she loved them.

Deena shares photos of CJ and Cameron bonding

Despite criticism from some fans, Deena has been unphased and has posted several adorable photos of CJ holding his new little brother Cameron.

Several of her Jersey Shore Family Vacation castmates have commented on her posts to share their love and support.

Her co-stars Lauren and Mike Sorrentino are next up to welcome a newborn as Lauren is due this month.

MTV has yet to release the air date for the new season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, but fans can continue to catch up with Deena and the rest of the roommates on social media.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

All episodes of Jersey Shore are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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