Deavan Clegg’s mom in a rage as 90 Day Fiance fans defend Jihoon Lee

Twitter comes to Jihoon's defense
Fans defend Jihoon. Pic credit: TLC

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed since 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way starting airing, it’s that Jihoon Lee can never catch a break!

It seems as if every time Jihoon takes a step forward, he gets pushed two steps back.

Jihoon’s latest mishap is proving that luck is just not on his side, because even when he hasn’t done anything wrong, he gets the blame anyway.

The 28-year-old redeemed himself in the last episode after being bashed for the apartment he chose for his family to live in.

After taking lots of criticism from wife Deavan Clegg and her mom Elicia about the state of the apartment, Jihoon tried to step up and find a better place for them to live.

He showed off the new place, which got approval from his wife and mother-in-law, but the happy moment didn’t last long.

Drascilla acts out and Jihoon gets the blame

After the family got settled, they went to a nearby park. After a day of fun, Deavan asked her husband to take a rowdy Drascilla back to the apartment.

The moment Jihoon put Drascilla down, she bolted off, despite cries from her mother and grandmother to stop running.

As the episode came to a close, Jihoon was shown chasing after the 4-year-old. The scene then cut to him sobbing on a curb.

We don’t know if anything actually happened to Drascilla or if TLC is just editing the clip to make it appear more dramatic than it actually is.

The aftermath of what happened will be shown in the next episode, but from the trailer, we know that Elicia is angry at her son-in-law.

In the clip, Elicia says, “I don’t even wanna look at Jihoon again, all I feel is rage.”

Twitter comes to Jihoon’s defense

Deavan and her mom seem to be putting the blame on Jihoon for Drascilla’s actions.

However, viewers are coming to Jihoon’s defense. Many fans took to Twitter to discuss Drascilla’s behavior, and some even criticized Deavan’s parenting skills.

Some of the comments were quite harsh.

“Deaven is a shi**y mom who has a misbehaving child. Why is she blaming Jihoon for her shi**y parenting?” commented one Twitter user.

“I’m so sick and tired of Deavan and her mom blaming everything on jihoon. The guy is not perfect by any means but deavan ur no better,” responded another.

Twitter responds to Jihoon
Pic credit:@tokingblackgirl/Twitter


Fans defend Jihoon
Pic credit:@KristenD0819/Twitter
Twitter reacts to Drascilla
Pic credit:@WhittingtonInez/Twitter

The aftermath of the event will be documented next week.

You can check out the clip of Drascilla running away below.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Susan Strauss
Susan Strauss
2 years ago

First, I think Deaven is doing an amazing job as a parent. SHE had a place of her own. SHE worked 2 jobs to support her family. All she asked of Jihoon was to have 1 flipping job and he wasn’t capable. As to the child running off …. that poor little girl has gone through the wringer as a result of bad circumstances … not bad parenting. Jihoon absolutely should have held her hand when her put her down. In fact, he shouldn’t have been swinging her over his head and shoulders to begin with so no wonder she was squealing to be let down! Jihoon is a child! Deaven has given him multiple chances to grow up and he has failed each time! And this last time? He LIED to her to get her to move to Korea???? Who the flip does that?!?!?! MIL is correct. Deaven should take the kids and go back to the U.S. and leave that baby (Jihoon) in Korea with his ignorant mother.

2 years ago

That spoiled wild BRAT has had ZERO discipline. She was wild and undisciplined way before Jihoon was around. Deaven has always been a HORRIBLE mother that has absolutely NO parenting skills, she is too busy NOT taking birth control, and breeding too much to try discipline! Hopefully, Jihoons parents will prevent that with the new kid. The demon child should have stayed where she was instead of running off, if she had ANY prior discipline, she would have. It’s also OBVIOUS that no matter what Jihoon does, including giving her the 3k she demanded, while saying “that will prove himself TO Jihoon”, NOTHING he does is good enough for the b***h and that was only about the money. Not to forget DEAVEN picked out the first apartment, NOT Jihoon! Her big mouthed mother needs to stay out of their business as well, because SHE certainly never had a hand in disciplining the “demon child”……they are going to blame Jihoon for anything and everything! The little demon should have HAD her butt torn up, way back when she was climbing on counters, dining tables and pitching fits, throwing itself on the floor at the airport! DEAVEN is a sorry mother, and working and paying bills is not all there is to bring a “good mother!” STOP BREEDING DEAVEN!

2 years ago

Disciplined your own stupid wild child, and blame yourself if something bad happened to her. Stop having more children!