Da’Vonne Rogers says she was a ‘terrible’ Big Brother player, but that she succeeded in other ways

Da'Vonne Rogers BB18
Da’Vonne Rogers had a memorable exit on Big Brother 17. Pic credit: Monty Brinson/CBS

Big Brother, alum Da’Vonne Rogers, has had to deal with many internet trolls over the years, which continued this weekend on social media.

Fans of the show first got to know Da’Vonne when she was a member of the Big Brother 17 cast in the Summer of 2015.

That year, Da’Vonne finished in sixth place, becoming a member of the BB17 jury and voting on the winner later that summer. Steve Moses won BB17, with Liz Nolan coming in second.

Da’Vonne was invited back to be a part of the BB18 cast the following summer, where she ended up finishing in 11th place again. Nicole Franzel became the Big Brother 18 winner, and Paul Abrahamian finished in second place.

When it was time for the producers to put together a group of fan-favorites to play during the Summer of 2020, Da’Vonne was invited back to play the game a third time.

As a member of the Big Brother 22 cast, Da’Vonne finished in 10th place and then voted for Cody Calafiore to beat out Enzo Palumbo as the BB22 winner.

Da’Vonne calls herself a ‘terrible’ player but also a ‘voice’

A Twitter user trolled Da’Vonne a bit recently, leading to her responding after they asked her, “why did you suck at playing” the three times she was on the show.

“Because I wasn’t meant to win… I was meant to be a voice,” Da’Vonne opened her Twitter response.

“Yes, I was a terrible bb player (we know this) but my VOICE caused change… and I still made history… God always has a plan, thanks for asking,” Da’Vonne finished up her post.

DaVonne Rogers Tweet
Pic credit: @DayDaVonne_/Twitter

Many Big Brother fans show Da’Vonne support

Quite a few Twitter users were coming to Da’Vonne’s defense, including several who felt that she wasn’t that bad at playing the game.

“I also think you’re underselling yourself as a BB player,” Twitter user Matthew Rudoy wrote.

“I don’t think you were terrible at all,” echoed Twitter user Francine Caleca.

Below are just a few of the responses that Da’Vonne received.

BB Fans Support DaVonne
Pic credit: @DayDaVonne_/Twitter

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