David Murphy says he and Lana are still together — 90 Day fiance alum planning move to Ukraine?

David Murphey and Lana are together
David says he’s still with Lana. Pic credit: TLC

David Murphy has officially retired from his job and he might be planing a permanent trip to Ukraine.

Viewers may not have believed David when he revealed his retirement plans during the the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All.

He claimed that he was going to retire from his job and head off to Ukraine to be with his fiance Lana.

The claims were met with skepticism as fans who watched the storyline play out during Season 4 did not believe that Lana had any interest in the 60-year old.

Interestingly, the naysayers may have been proven wrong again as David just revealed some interesting news regarding his relationship with Lana.

David says he and Lana are still together

The Las Vegas native just shared a post in celebration of his official retirement, but it’s his response to a few fan comments that really piqued our interest.

David Murphy retires
Pic credit:@davidjmurphey/Instagram

After getting a ton of congratulatory messages, fans were eager to learn about the current status of David and Lana’s relationship.

Last we heard the two were not together, despite Lana accepting David’s proposal in the Season 4 finale episode.

During the Tell All he shared that being on TV had an impact on their relationship and that at the moment they were not together.

However, never one to give up, David also shared that he was planning to retire from his job in the US so that he could move to Ukraine to be with Lana.

Viewers thought he was crazy and many felt that he never had a relationship with Lana to begin with.

But, according to the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days alum, he and Lana are very much together.

David says he and Lana are together
Pic credit:@davidjmurphey/Instagram

That’s not the only news David dropped in the comment section. He also revealed some future travel plans out of the US.

David is planning a trip to Ukraine

In response to one question, David told one Instagram user that Lana is trying to get a visa.

However, it seems they will be seeing each other very soon because he told another Instagram follower that since Ukraine has reopened its borders, he may soon visit the country.

David May go to Ukraine
Pic credit:@davidjmurphey/Instagram

For now, it seems the trip will only be for a few months and not permanent.

The new retiree says there are too many things he has to do before the can make the permanent move to Ukraine.

He is planning to sell his Las Vegas residence and his belongings, which may take some time.

After that, he may very well spend his retirement in Ukraine.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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Chris Grayson
Chris Grayson
3 years ago

I hope he learns the language.

3 years ago

What gets me the most about David is he is never wrong and doesn’t get sarcasm it seems like the cardboard cut out when he went to buy flowers and they were saying that was Lana and he went into detail of how it’s cardboard and not real “REALLY”