David Archuleta gives his fans great news days after American Idol appearance

David Archuleta on American Idol
David Archuleta on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

David Archuleta appeared on American Idol on Monday night during The Great Idol Reunion and surprised four of his biggest fans.

However, while it was a sweet moment with David surprising the four girls, fans watching at home who have not followed his life since he left the show watched with worry.

David couldn’t talk and he used a voice simulator on his phone to speak to everyone on the show. While fans wondered what was wrong with David Archuleta’s voice, he was recovering from a serious injury.

Four days after this appearance, David had great news for his fans.

David Archuleta is allowed to talk again after injury

David Archuleta had to cancel his entire 2022 tour because he ruptured his vocal cords.

“I’m so sorry to do this with just an hour and a half before the show starts tonight,” David said when he learned of his injury. “I just got back from the doctor, and by his orders, I need to postpone tonight’s show and go on vocal rest.”

He hoped to recover quickly and get back to his tour, but that didn’t happen because the injury was more than a rupture. David hemorrhaged a vocal cord and wasn’t allowed to talk during his recovery. David updated fans about his health and canceled his tour. He said, “So I hemorrhaged a vocal cord and have to let it heal so it doesn’t cause any further damage. I also have vocal nodules.”

However, there is good news now. On Friday, David posted that he was finally able to talk again for the first time in two months.

David Archuleta talks his recovery process

David posted an Instagram video where he talked to fans about his recovery process.

“Hey everyone” David began. “I can speak again. Two months of vocal rest and then I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks of voice rehab, which has been going well. I’m still in it. I just finished with my voice coach-slash-therapist, Dean, who I’ve been working with for a long time.”

David said that he had been working with the same voice therapist since he was 12 when he had his vocal paralysis. He said he helped him with both of his vocal recoveries in his life so far.

“I just wanted to check in because it’s been a while since I’ve been able to,” he said. “I had to cancel my tour -sheesh – But, I’m speaking again and it’s good and I have to be careful not to talk too much.” David said he started with five minutes hourly and then progressed to ten minutes an hour. He said he could carry on a good conversation as long as he didn’t shout, talk loud, or whisper– he also said whispering was worse than talking for his voice.

“I just wanted to say hello, and that is all,” he finished.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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