American Idol’s David Archuleta cancels tour following serious injury

David Archuleta from American Idol
David Archuleta from American Idol. Pic credit: @davidarchie/Instagram

David Archuleta has been in the news a lot lately as he has opened up about his experience as a teenager on American Idol.

However, David never actually went away as he has kept making music and performing in concerts over the years and was in the middle of a tour in 2021.

However, the singer had to cancel his concert tour after suffering a serious injury.

David Archuleta suffers ruptured vocal cord

David Archuleta announced on Wednesday that he had to cancel part of his his concert tour due to a severe injury.

David ruptured his vocal cord.

“I’m so sorry to do this with just an hour and a half before the show starts tonight,” David posted with a video on Instagram. “I just got back from the doctor, and by his orders, I need to postpone tonight’s show and go on vocal rest.”

“Again, my heart just breaks to do this so last minute, and I’m so sorry for inconveniencing those who have gone out of their way to plan on being there tonight. I so appreciate your support and for wanting to have come.”

David also expressed his desire to have gone on the tour anyway, as he said there has been a lot of anticipation since there were so many cancelations during the pandemic.

“My vocal cords are strained and singing at all is too dangerous,” David explained. “I can imagine the frustration anyone would feel from being canceled again. I won’t give up on coming back to eventually perform, though, despite all these setbacks.”

“I promise to make it up to y’all and indeed get to doing a show for you in good condition!”

David then announced more cancelations.

“So I hemorrhaged a vocal cord and have to let it heal so it doesn’t cause any further damage. I also have vocal nodules,” David said.

This led him to postpone more shows, with the hopes he would return to the stage soon.

However, he said he would follow the doctor’s guidance on how long it will be.

That is when the bad news broke.

David Archuleta cancels his entire tour

This then led to David’s big announcement on Wednesday, where he canceled the entire tour.

“After lots of thought and consideration with my team and the venues, we have decided to cancel the OK, All Right tour,” he wrote. “I am still healing from my vocal issue and it’s going to require a lot more time than I originally anticipated.”

“I want to be sure to heal so I can come back without having done anything that could do permanent damage.”

American Idol Season 20 premieres on Sunday, February 27, at 8/7c on ABC. It will also be available to stream on Hulu.

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