What happened to American Idol David Archuleta’s voice?

David Archuleta on American Idol
David Archuleta on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

David Archuleta was back on American Idol for The Great Idol Reunion.

However, he didn’t sing songs with the rest of the alumni coming back to the show that night. Instead, there was a look at him meeting up with fans.

It wasn’t just any fans either.

When David lost to David Cook in the finals of his season, there were some young girls who didn’t take it well, screaming and crying at the decision. Four of those girls, now older teenagers, were invited to American Idol to relive that experience.

Then, Ryan Seacrest invited David Archuleta out to the stage so they could meet him in person.

He couldn’t talk, though, and used a voice device on his phone to communicate. When fans saw this, it caused a lot of his supporters to start to worry.

David Archuleta has serious throat condition

David Archuleta was set to go on tour this year, but he had to cancel the entire thing.

It was because of his throat issues, and he let fans know about it on his social media account.

In February, David told his fans that he had to cancel part of his concert tour because of a “severe injury.”

David ruptured his vocal cord, and it was more serious than he originally believed.

“I’m so sorry to do this with just an hour and a half before the show starts tonight,” David posted with a video on Instagram. “I just got back from the doctor, and by his orders, I need to postpone tonight’s show and go on vocal rest.”

“Again, my heart just breaks to do this so last minute, and I’m so sorry for inconveniencing those who have gone out of their way to plan on being there tonight. I so appreciate your support and for wanting to have come.”

That led to more bad news.

His vocal cord wasn’t getting better, and he had to cancel the entire tour.

“So I hemorrhaged a vocal cord and have to let it heal so it doesn’t cause any further damage. I also have vocal nodules,” David revealed.

“I want to be sure to heal so I can come back without having done anything that could do permanent damage.”

That means that David Archuleta could not perform on American Idol as he continues to allow his throat to mend.

David Archuleta didn’t have the best American Idol experience

It was nice to see David Archuleta showcased on American Idol because he opened up last year about how bad his experience on the show was.

“I felt so disconnected from everything,” David said in a 2021 interview. “Like, 13 years later, I’m piecing together what actually was going on. But it’s still a process because I still don’t understand why people were so into it.”

“I get afraid to blame things on American Idol because something in me is programmed to say, ‘I have to be grateful, because where would I be without it?’” he said.

“I’ve talked to other American Idol contestants about how we all have trust issues. Like, ‘You can’t trust anyone anymore, not even your own family.’ That’s what we were told.”

It looks like he has tried to put it behind him based on his appearance on The Great Idol Reunion this week.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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