David and Annie from 90 Day Fiance announce plans to open a Thai restaurant — Here’s what we know

David and Annie regularly make fans jealous when they eat her creations on Pillow Talk. Pic Credit: TLC

David Toborwosky and Annie Suwan have realized that America loves Thai food.

David has always been vocal that one of the ways his wife Annie stole his heart was through her authentic traditional cooking. You can often see David eating his wife’s creations on the 90 Day Fiance spin-off Pillow Talk.

David has marketed Annie’s amazing cooking ability into an online website with a catering business complete with virtual cooking lessons.

From her pineapple fried rice to glass noodles with egg, fans are dying to duplicate those recipes in their own kitchens.

Not only has this couple recently announced a 90 Day Fiance spin-off cooking show on Facebook, but Annie and David have even bigger plans – they plan on opening their own restaurant.

90 Day Fiance stars in talks for a restaurant

The 90 Day Fiance couple’s manager recently spoke to Celebrity magazine and revealed that “David and Annie have had numerous investors approach them to go into business. They are considering the offers over and will make a final decision soon, but they are definitely going ahead with their plan to open a Thai restaurant.”

After seeing the success of their cooking lessons, David and Annie are ready to create their dream and give fans the Thai flavors they’re looking for.

The couple has come a long way and 90 Day Fiance OG fans will remember when David couldn’t even afford Annie’s dowry. After obtaining a loan from a friend, Annie was able to come to the United States.

Although the Pillow Talk couple had viewers wondering if they would even stay together, they pushed through the struggles together and their success is now reaching new heights.

Their new show debuts this week

David and Annie’s first episode of ‘Spice it Up’ will be appearing on Facebook Watch this week.

In the teaser for the new show, Annie will be showing viewers her decadent Chicken Thai Basil. She keeps viewers captivated by her food stories from home and cooking hacks.

From their witty banter to their extravagant recipes, fans will get to try South Asian spice in their kitchen.

Watching all these delicious cooking videos, it’s going to have viewers even more excited to try their food in person.

Will you be in line to try David and Annie’s new restaurant?

Spice it Up with Annie & David will air on TLC Facebook Watch beginning October 28.

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3 years ago

Can’t wait to see you guys succeed. You can do anything together. It was tough to watch you all go through hard times, but now watching you brings joy to my heart. Budda Blessings.

3 years ago

I will be first in line. Love David & Annie and bet her food is fantastic!!