Darcey & Stacey Season 2 gets a premiere date — Here’s when the Silva twins return to TLC and what to expect

Darcey & Stacey Season 2 gets a premiere date
Darcey and Stacey Silva are getting ready for Season 2. Pic credit: TLC

Fans of 90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva and her twin sister Stacey will be thrilled to know that Darcey & Stacey Season 2 airs later this summer. The show will premiere in July and focuses on Darcey’s engagement to Georgi Rusev and Stacey trying to have a baby, among a few other storylines.

There are more than a few ups and downs to be had, but fans would expect that after watching the original season. There’ve also been reports that Georgi and Darcey could fall out of love.

Darcey & Stacey Season 2 premiere date

Darcey & Stacey Season 2 will debut on July 19 and will air every Monday at 8 pm ET/PT, according to TLC. The pair will see “unprecedented hurdles” during the season, especially between Darcey Silva and her fiance. Some people speculate that the two will separate during the season.

Fans of the show saw the two get engaged at the end of the last season, which debuted last August. Not to be outdone, twin sister Stacey Silva got married. In the build-up to the engagement, however, the pair had a tumultuous year.

That was primarily because of romance issues and a lot of heartbreak. In Darcey & Stacey season 2, fans will see quite a few arguments. Stacey and now-husband Florian have several problems, with one centering around IVF and Florian’s opposition because of his faith.

That doesn’t mean that it’s all negative, however. The twin sisters will also travel to Turkey and take some time for themselves. Darcey & Stacey: Pillow Talk will debut several days after the main show on Friday, July 23, at 10:30 pm ET/PT.

Darcey & Stacey: Inside the Episode, a behind-the-scenes show, will also stream on discovery+ and TLCgo.

Trouble in paradise for the sisters

The most recent trailer for the upcoming season highlights a lot the Silva twins’ relationship issues, although it naturally teases some of the drama. In the trailer, the former 90 Day Fiance star freaks out after she receives what looks to be insincerity from Georgi.

Trouble is also brewing because fans see Georgi sitting down with Jesse, Darcey’s ex-boyfriend. While little is shown in the clip, it’s hard to see this being a good thing. That being said, recent reports show that the family is still together after sleuthing fans realized that Georgi and one of Darcey’s daughters were recently posting pictures from the same location in Miami.

Darcey & Stacey Season 2 debuts on Monday, July 19 at 8/7c on TLC.

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