Danielle Dodd shares adorable fall pictures with her kids as the MAFS family hits the pumpkin patch

MAFS Danielle cuddles baby Bobby.
MAFS Danielle cuddles up with her babies. Pic credit: Lifetime

Danielle Dodd took some time this week to celebrate the season as she took her kids, Olivia and Bobby Jr. to a local pumpkin patch and the result was some very cute pictures we can’t get enough of.

Danielle got in spooky season spirit this week and took both of the babies to a pumpkin patch. For baby Bobby, it was his first pumpkin patch ever and Danielle wasn’t wasting a minute of it.

Danielle gets in the spirit of the season

She posted a picture to her Instagram of her and both of the babies beaming surrounded by pumpkins and other fall decors.

Danielle added a joke caption saying “Insert clever Halloween caption here” and we agree, the cute picture definitely speaks for itself.

The recent Couples Cam episode revealed Danielle and Bobby had taken a kid-free mini-vacation just the two of them, but the two were happy to get back to their babies.

And it looks like they are refreshed from their baby-free time and are soaking up all the fall family vibes they can.

Danielle is doing better

It’s definitely nice to see Danielle smiling after the tough time she’s been having.

Recent Couple’s Cam episodes showed a less than smiling Danielle, expressing stress over being a stay-at-home mom of two and balancing all her responsibilities. Danielle finally reached her breaking point and sat Bobby down to tell him that something had to change.

Bobby gave Danielle the day off from mommy duty and hired a house cleaner to help with some of the housework and Danielle was very relieved.

But just as Danielle was starting to feel better, the fan comments began, slamming Danielle for not being able to juggle all her responsibilities. Danielle clapped back at the “mommy shamers” saying that they were the reason lots of mothers felt like they weren’t doing enough and were struggling in secret.

Danielle is generally soft-spoken but when it comes to viewers trolling her comments, she has made it clear she will not be having it anymore. Good for you, Danielle.

But with all the recent overwhelm, it was surprising to see spoilers for the upcoming Couples Cam revealing that Danielle and Bobby, might be planning for baby number three! But it did seem from the preview that Danielle may have been more hesitant about the idea than Bobby was so we guess only will time will tell if a new baby will be in this couple’s future after all.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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