Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo are hanging out with this 90 Day Fiance star

Yohan Geronimo and Daniele Gates
Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo posing for a selfie. Pic credit: @liveyinsa/Instagram

It looks like 90 Day Fiance couple Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo have made friends with another cast member in the 90 Day Fiance world.

Daniele shared a joint Instagram post with Season 2 of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean star Carlos Jimenez.

The first photo of the post had a beach backdrop behind Yohan, Daniele, and Carlos, who were all smiling in beach attire with their bare feet in the sand.

The post was geotagged at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta, Cana, Dominican Republic.

The second and final image of the share was a selfie of Daniele and Carlos looking windswept and happy.

The caption of the mutual post read, “No filter needed in paradise.”

Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo were on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean

Like Carlos, Daniele and Yohan started their 90 Day Fiance journey on Season 2 of the hit spinoff Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story.

The show follows couples who met while the American was on vacation somewhere in the Caribbean. The Americans are filmed as they go to their partner’s home country to try to reconnect and take the next steps to solidify their relationship.

In Daniele and Yohan’s case, Daniele traveled to Yohan’s native Dominican Republic with plans to marry Yohan by the end of their trip after having met at the resort Yohan worked at.

Once in the D.R., Daniele grew upset by the idea of having to finance everything the couple did and was also wary of Yohan’s desire to go to America as soon as possible after they married.

Another strain on their future was 43-year-old Daniele’s fertility and Yohan’s desire to have a child.

Despite the obstacles they faced, the pair tied the knot in a beach ceremony in front of Yohan’s friends and family.

Daniele dropped a bomb on Yohan on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

On the heels of their wedding and Yohan’s known desire to go to America, Daniele returned from New York to the D.R. with big bombshell news for Yohan. Her delivery of that news was shown on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, which is currently airing.

Daniele told Yohan that she did not want to go back to New York herself or bring Yohan there. Instead, she told Yohan that she wanted to move to the D.R. and make a life there long-term.

Yohan tried to tell Daniele that it was a difficult life in the D.R. and hard to make money, but Daniele brushed off his concerns.

Yohan eventually conceded to living with Daniele in the D.R. for a year but said if it wasn’t working out that they would go to America.

What Daniele has yet to tell Yohan is that she has not filed for his K-1 visa yet.

Furthermore, news surfaced last week about Daniele’s 2022 bankruptcy filing. It’s unclear whether Yohan knew about Daniele’s dire financial move and if her bankruptcy is affecting a K-1 visa for Yohan.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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