90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise returns for a second season, adding two LGBTQ+ couples

Love in Paradise returns for Season 2 with brand new couples and two returning couples.
Amber is set to return with husband Daniel for Season 2 of Love in Paradise. Pic credit: Discovery+

One thing the 90 Day Fiance franchise is going to do is create a new spin-off show for its fans. Capitalizing off the many couples who met their partners while on vacation, the reality powerhouse launched Love in Paradise.

The show follows Americans who had a whirlwind fling while vacationing abroad. After being apart for some time, they decided to travel back, and attempt to build a relationship with their foreign lovers.

Season 1 became a hit thanks to the couple’s drama-filled relationships. Season 2 is hoping to top the messy antics and add a new level of spicy tension.

Meet the cast of Season 2 of Love in Paradise

Season 2 will again take place in multiple Caribbean islands where couples will test if their vacation hook-ups can turn into lasting relationships. While there are a handful of new cast members who have been added, fans of the show may be happy to see some familiar faces.

Amber and Daniel

Amber and Daniel from Season 1 of Love in Paradise will return for a second season.
Amber and Daniel will return for Season 2 as a married couple. Pic credit: Discovery+

This is the first couple from Season 1 who will be returning. The two met at a bar when Amber was vacationing in Costa Rica. They hooked up the first night they met and believed they were meant to be. Despite their age difference, they entered a relationship. Amber initiated the K-1 visa process, brought Daniel to Florida where she lived, and the two tied the knot. This season, viewers will see if they can overcome their differences and financial issues in order to have a successful marriage.

Aryanna and Sherlon

Aryanna and Sherlon will be back for Season 2 as parents hoping to salvage their relationship.
Aryanna and Sherlon return for Season 2 as parents. Pic credit: Discovery+

Also returning from Season 1 is Aryanna and Sherlon. They met in Jamaica where Sherlon worked as boat tour operator. They slept together after a brief meeting, and once she returned home, Aryanna found out she was pregnant. Not wanting to raise their son alone, she tried convincing Sherlon to move to America, however he wasn’t sold on the idea. This season, Aryanna will return to Jamaica so that Sherlon can meet their son for the first time, while she attempts to change his mind about moving.

Daniele and Yohan

Daniele and Yohan are hoping to solidify their whirlwind romance on Love in Paradise.
Daniele and Yohan hope to have a baby despite their age gap. Pic credit: Discovery+

Daniele and Yohan are new to the show but are likely to make a big impact. The duo met in the Dominican Republic at a local hotel. Daniele is 10 years his senior, however, hopes to give Yohan the child he desires. The couple says they knew they loved each other immediately after meeting, and quickly got engaged despite their distance.

Carlos and Valentine

Love in Paradise adds the first LGBTQ+ couple with Carlos and Valentine.
Carlos and Valentine are the first LGBTQ+ couple on Love in Paradise. Pic credit: Discovery+

Carlos and Valentine are the first LGBTQ+ couple in the Love in Paradise universe. The couple met online during quarantine when the coronavirus pandemic hit. After two years of chatting and video calls, Valentine is traveling to Colombia to meet Carlos for the first time. He is hoping their meeting goes well because he already has plans to propose to Carlos.

Abby, Gaby, and Frankie

Abby, Gaby and Frankie are the first throuple on Love in Paradise.
Abby and Gaby have been together for 10 years before entering into a throuple with Frankie. Pic credit: Discovery+

Another first for the 90 Day franchise comes with Frankie, Abby, and Gaby who are the show’s first throuple. Abby and Gaby have been in a relationship for over a decade. While on vacation in Mexico, they meet Frankie who is bisexual and have a threesome. When he returned home, Frankie kept in touch with Abby, and they eventually fell in love unbeknownst to Gaby. He now plans to go back to Mexico to propose and break the news to Gaby.

Season 2 is ready to bring the drama

The combination of new and returning couples sets up Season 2 to be bigger and more dramatic than the last. The couples are prepared to reveal shocking secrets, present their partners with ultimatums, and make last-ditched efforts to save their fragile relationships.

The show gives fans the same entertainment value as 90 Day Fiance with a bit of an extra flare. Many viewers enjoy seeing the Americans traveling to other countries and trying to adapt to their partner’s culture. The couples also never cease to provide juicy bombshells and romantic moments which captivate the audience.

90 Day Fiance has figured out how to successfully create hit spin-offs, and Love in Paradise is no exception.

Love in Paradise premieres Friday, June 10, 2022 on Discovery+.

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