Daniel Durston goes after Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina, fails miserably

Janelle On Big Brother 22
Big Brother vet Janelle Pierzina has played the game four times. Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother feud between Janelle Pierzina and Daniel Durston has been taking place on social media recently.

Janelle, who was a part of the BB22 cast, has been talking about her ideas for the BB25 cast, which will play the game this summer.

Daniel took offense to some things that Janelle suggested, including her idea about limiting how much money the people just playing to make the jury house get paid.

For some context, while Big Brother 24 was going on, Daniel spoke on the live feeds about how badly he just wanted to make it to the BB24 jury. Instead, he finished in 12th place and got sent home before the jury was formed.

Daniel’s game got cut short when he verbally went after Taylor Hale when she was just hanging out in the bathroom. This led to a speech from Matt Turner and Daniel lashing out some more.

Daniel still claims he was just defending Nicole Layog, but that is not how Nicole has stated that she saw the whole interaction.

Janelle Pierzina vs Daniel Durston feud

“I promise, when I need advice on how to clout chase when I’m washed up & irrelevant…you’ll be the first I go to,” Daniel wrote on Twitter with the hashtags BB24, WhaterverWilliDo, and BB25.

This was a message directed at Janelle, who allows people to comment on her posts.

Daniel Vs Janelle BB Post
Daniel goes after Janelle on social media. Pic credit: @DowntownDurston/Twitter

After seeing that post on Twitter, Janelle returned to leave a scathing comeback of her own, which has really riled up a lot of people on social media.

“Daniel I’ve been relevant since 2005. You’ll be forgotten in three months if not sooner. You are a f**king nobody not to mention a b**ch. Turn your comments on or are you [too] scared?” Janelle wrote while addressing that Daniel has been known for not allowing people to respond to his posts.

Janelle Vs Daniel BB Feud
Janelle responds to Daniel’s Twitter post. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

Big Brother fans respond to the Janelle vs. Daniel drama

Quite a few Big Brother fans have been enjoying the drama between Janelle and Daniel, leading to a lot of reactions getting posted.

Below are just a few of the social media posts about the feud that have been made.

The BB25 cast takes over soon

For anyone getting tired of hearing about the BB24 cast, we are going to get a new group of houseguests very soon.

Interestingly enough, though, Julie Chen Moonves hinted at a theme involving returners.

And there have also been some BB25 cast rumors linking to people from the past two seasons.

Big Brother 25 debuts in Summer 2023 on CBS.

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