Dale Moss’ rumored mistress Eleonora Srugo fires back at The Bachelorette fans

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley
Dale Moss’ rumored mistress breaks her silence. Pic credit: ABC

When Dale Moss announced that he had ended his relationship with Bachelorette star Clare Crawley, fans had plenty of questions.

Mostly, they wanted to know what went wrong for them to break up so suddenly, just a week or two after they had joked about making babies.

Within days, Dale faced cheating rumors, as fans learned about stories in regards to a New York real-estate agent.

Rumors swirled that he had been cheating on Clare throughout their entire engagement with a woman who was soon identified as Eleonora Srugo.

The woman appeared on Dale’s social media and the two had liked one another’s posts and appeared in their stories.

Eleonora Srugo appears to take digs at Dale Moss on social media

After Clare and Dale were spotted getting cozy together in Florida, Eleonora lashed out on social media.

Us Weekly shared quotes from her social media accounts, revealing that Eleonora fought back and made digs at Dale, claiming he doesn’t have any money.

“You bought Kardashian hips to get the likes of Dale? He’s nothing special and has no money,” one social media user commented on her post, to which Eleonora replied, “Preach, girl. [I] didn’t pay for my hips, got it from my mama. Def never used them for that punks. ‘Has no money’ may be the only factual part of this comment.”

The comments were reportedly made on February 19.

In a post from this week, fans called out Eleonora for lashing out on social media, claiming that she acted like a woman scorned as Dale was spotted with Clare.

“You sound like a woman scorned,” one user wrote to her on the photo above, to which Eleonora replied, “Again my mistake I let my anger about the situation get the best of me and I finally responded to one of 100s of rude comments.”

When a follower asked, “Did Dale leave you for a 40-year-old hairdresser from Sacramento?” Eleonora revealed that Dale had never hooked up with her and she was never his.

Eleonora Srugo was originally linked to Dale Moss after cheating rumors surfaced

It was back in January that Dale was accused of cheating on Clare throughout the entire engagement. It took only days for fans to identify Eleonora as the supposed other woman.

There was no denying that they knew each other, but she supposedly only helped him find an apartment in New York.

A month after they broke up, Clare and Dale were spotted together in Florida. They have been spotted kissing and cuddling in public. While they haven’t shared any relationship news directly with fans, it seems that sources are more than willing to confirm that they are back together.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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