Dale Moss issues long statements directly to Bachelorette fans after Clare’s number is leaked online

Dale and Clare
Dale Moss defends Clare Crawley on Instagram. Pic credit: ABC

Dale Moss is breaking his silence on the Bachelorette controversy that has surfaced recently.

While Dale is limited in what he can say because of his contract, it’s clear that he’s not happy about the way people are treating Clare.

Last Friday, Dale went on Instagram to discuss some of the things he had been hearing from Bachelorette fans.

The message was vague, but he essentially asked people to stop spreading hate and stop sharing personal information that could affect cast members’ livelihoods and personal safety.

Dale Moss issues a long statement after Clare’s number is leaked online

While he didn’t make direct reference to the recent rumors, it’s clear that Dale is trying to address a scary situation with Clare.

It’s no secret that people aren’t happy with Clare’s season of The Bachelorette. Clare immediately fell for Dale and didn’t give any of the other guys a chance, which made for pretty uninteresting TV. But Dale says that that doesn’t justify what Clare is going through.

Dale revealed that fans’ words can really affect cast members. He hints that viewers’ words have really affected both him and Clare without making a direct connection to The Bachelorette.

He says it has been a huge surprise how brutal people can be with their words and actions and how big of a disregard some have for other people’s feelings.

Dale says it is a huge problem when people’s safety and livelihood are put online. He also added that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when so much is shared that someone’s safety is in question, it has gone too far.

You can watch the entire video on Dale’s IGTV below.


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We never know how deep our words can cut or exactly what others are going through.

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While Dale didn’t mention Clare’s phone number and address being leaked by trolls online, it’s clear that he’s referring to her safety.

On Reddit, fans were talking about viewers that had been so frustrated with Clare that they had blasted her personal address and phone number online to let her know how dissatisfied they were with her season.

“Production is trash. I remember how happy she was promoting this season only for them to ruin her love story for her. So stupid of them and to the people who were blasting her address and phone number you suck and deserve whatever karma is coming your way,” one user wrote on Reddit.

Dale Moss has been the frontrunner on The Bachelorette

It’s no secret that Dale is the frontrunner and it appears that Chris Harrison will shut down The Bachelorette production during tomorrow night’s special episode of the show.

We know that Clare has struggled with the criticism from The Bachelorette, as fans have called her a narcissist and selfish for putting all of her energy into her relationship with Dale and seemingly ignoring the other guys.

There have been some crazy rumors about Dale and Clare, including one that they are already married.

They can’t address any of these rumors, but hopefully, ABC will give them an interview so they can set the record straight.

The Bachelorette airs Thursday at 8/7c on ABC.

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