Clare Crawley is struggling with Bachelorette criticism after Dale Moss obsessed episode

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley is struggling with Bachelorette criticism. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley has officially blown up this season of the show.

While we don’t know the exact outcome of the show just yet, we do know that Clare is falling for Dale Moss and she has no real desire to pursue any of the other relationships.

Episodes 2 and 3 were so Dale-focused that fans were dreading to watch and during Episode 4, Chris Harrison will have to intervene, telling her that she can’t continue this way.

To add to that, Clare has been getting flack about her strip dodgeball game, something that production apparently put together on her behalf.

Now, one of her friends is speaking out, saying that Clare is struggling with all the backlash she’s getting as fans had hoped for a different Bachelorette season than the one they are seeing on television.

Clare Crawley is struggling with the criticism

One of Clare’s best friends is Bachelor alum Michelle Money. The two have spoken throughout this whole experience and it was Michelle who claimed that Clare and Dale had not spoken during quarantine.

Now, she’s speaking out and defending her friend, saying that Clare is having a hard time with people’s mean comments about her desire to spend time with Dale.

“When I spoke to Clare the other day, she was really struggling, having a hard time,” Michelle told US Weekly.

“[But] this is what’s amazing about Clare. She’s like, ‘All these people that are giving me hate, I just want to help them heal. I want to help them.’ … There’s been some hate and there’s been some negativity [but] Clare just wants to show up and help lift everyone up.”

Michelle claims that Clare did spend time with the other guys and that production made it seem like she was only interested in Dale and not giving the other guys a chance.

“Clare spent an equal amount of time with every single one of those guys. That’s what frustrating, you don’t get to see the whole story,” Michelle told Us. “The way that they’re editing this storyline is so out of context, it’s just so frustrating as her friend. … Do you really, honestly think she wasn’t talking about any other guy?”

Michelle, who was a villain on her season of The Bachelor, explains that sometimes, there is a price to pay for filming the show.

“But it’s the price you pay for going on the show and the positives always, always outweigh the negatives,” she points out.

Clare Crawley has blamed editing for the way she looked on The Bachelorette

Clare can’t say much about the show as she’s under contract, but she has liked tweets from fans and has essentially blamed editing for the way the episodes came across.

She was being portrayed as a schoolgirl, asking the other guys about Dale and continued to focus on herself, not on the guys.

The guys have already threatened to walk out of the show and demand a new Bachelorette lead.

It doesn’t help that Chris jumps on the bandwagon, telling the guys that they had been cheated at a chance for love because Clare was seemingly obsessed with Dale.

Clare didn’t know that Chris had said this, as she had already picked Dale when Chris brought Tayshia Adams to the set.

The final chapter of Clare’s journey plays out this week on ABC.

The Bachelorette airs Thursday, November 5 at 8/7c on ABC.

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