Dale Moss and Tayshia Adams are spotted together again, and Bachelor Nation fans are here for it

Dale Moss & Tayshia Adams
Dale Moss & Tayshia Adams are spotted together again. Pic credit: ABC

Dale Moss and Tayshia Adams have both suffered some relationship controversy and heartbreak within the past year.

When Tayshia took over Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette, she had hoped to find her true love. While she was hopeful that Zac Clark fulfilled that role, the two did not last.

Moreover, Dale Moss was so sure that Clare Crawley was the one that he got down on one knee just a few weeks into her season of The Bachelorette, and proposed to her.

Surprisingly, or not, that relationship didn’t last either, but Tayshia and Dale both had something in common – Clare Crawley. Dale was on her season and left engaged to her, whereas, Tayshia took over Clare’s spot after the fact. Now, it appears the two have more than just Clare in common as they have been spotted out and about together on numerous occasions.

Dale Moss and Tayshia Adams are spending together again

Recently, Dale posted a video on his Instagram page that included him and Tayshia as they walked down the boardwalk, holding drinks, and dancing.

He captioned his post to Jack Harlow’s song First Class and wrote, “Rolling into his week with a lot of good energy! #BigMood #MondayMotivation #Squad #GoodVibes.”

Bachelor Nation fans are trying hard to get these two to be more than friends

While fans have been excited to ship these two together, the more and more Dale and Tayshia are spotted together, the more fans get their hopes up that their friendship will turn into something more.

In fact, they have already put together their names as one fan wrote, “Ok we love DAYSHIA (googly eye and fire flame emojis),” and another stated, “I’m all for Dashia!”

Another fan claimed, “I totally saw this coming … back when,” while one more put, “Young people continue to live your best lives … I love it.”

Bachelor Nation fans are shipping Dale Moss and Tayshia Adams together.
Pic credit: @dalemoss13/Instagram

Other viewers also stated their thoughts on this pairing, as they wrote, “Ok, I’m invested now didn’t know this was the pairing I needed,” as well as “Tayshia & dale perfect match.”

Other fans show their love for Dale and Tayshia and want them to date.
Pic credit: @dalemoss13/Instagram

Recently, the duo has been seen in photos from Miami, Florida, specifically from the F1 Miami Grand Prix Speedway. These photos sparked talks about whether the two were just there as social media influencers or if there was more to the story.

Whether or not Tayshia and Dale are together romantically is yet to be determined, but Bachelor Nation fans are hopeful that it might happen.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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