Cynthia Bailey explains why her wedding guests were seen in photos not wearing masks

RHOA star Cynthia Bailey explains why wedding guest were seen without masks
Why were Cynthia Bailey’s wedding guests not wearing masks? Pic credit: Bravo

Cynthia Bailey’s wedding took place over two months ago, but she’s still getting backlash about her lavish October nuptials.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star had her heart set on a 10/10/20 wedding date with all her family and friends in tow.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic hit, and many people had to either cancel their events or drastically scale them down.

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But, Bailey didn’t want to do either of those things and we’re seeing it all play out during the current season of RHOA.

The former supermodel has been getting a lot of heat from fans since photos of her large event were published in the media last year.

The RHOA star, and her now-husband, Mike Hill had 250 guests at the wedding but assured everyone that they took all the necessary safety protocols.

However, when her fellow co-stars posted images from the wedding on social media, many of them were not wearing masks or social distancing.

Cynthia explains maskless guests at her wedding

During her latest appearance on Watch What Happens Live!, Cynthia’s wedding was once again a hot topic.

One fan sent in a question asking The Real Housewives of Atlanta star about guests being at her wedding without wearing masks.

We did everything on our end to ensure everyone’s safety. From masks to shields, temperature checks, I had a COVID-19 specialist come and spray the place,” responded the 53-year-old.

She continued, “So with that said what happened was the only time people were allowed to take their masks off was to eat or drink. So it’s a wedding so that happened. And then a lot of people actually wanted to take pictures with their masks off.”

The RHOA star explained, “You know when you’re taking pictures like ‘oh can I take the mask off?’ So I wasn’t even thinking [that] of course now all the pictures are gonna have the masks off…”

Cynthia says no one got sick from being at her wedding

There have been many concerns from viewers about The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s grand affair in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

And, even some of her castmates had concerns about the large indoor event.

However, the reality TV personality maintained that none of her wedding guests got sick as a result of attending the shindig.

During the WWHL appearance, Andy Cohen asked the reality star that very question and she confidently responded, “No! Thank you, Jesus. No one tested positive as a result of being at our wedding.”

What do you think about all the backlash Cynthia is receiving about her lavish wedding? Is it warranted?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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