Curse of Bermuda Triangle exclusive: Unnatural underwater wall has the TRIG team freaked out

On Sunday’s episode of Curse of the Bermuda Triangle on Science Channel, a huge underwater shear of rock that looks to be done by a giant knife has the TRIG team freaking out about how it got there in the shallows, as it was seemingly put there out of the blue.

An underwater anomaly is discovered in the sandy shallows…an abrupt vertical drop that is bizarre, and the divers physically check it out.

On the deck of the boat, Moe Mottice radios to his divers and says, “I hear you loud and clear…”

The footage of diver Dave Cziko is interspersed with his above land interview where he described his impressions of the mysterious dive.

He says, “So when we got in the water everything was pretty much normal. And then when we reached the ledge… straight down, I am. At this time I can’t wrap my head around what this is. I’m describing it as a hot knife through butter, that’s how sharp the edges are. What it looked like to me was it looked like somebody actually cut out a big square hunk of planet. Who knows, it could be a project of some kinda tunnel or mine… but it’s definitely not put there by nature. Nature doesn’t do that.”

The guys do not know if it’s man-made or not but just to find something like this where they are at in the shallows is pretty mysterious and has them on edge.

Moe Mottice has the divers on a short leash as they investigate an anomaly underwater
Moe Mottice has the divers on a short leash as they investigate an anomaly underwater. Pic credit: Science Channel.

Who is in the Bermuda Triangle Research and Investigation Group, or TRIG team?

The Bermuda Triangle Research and Investigation Group leader is long-time captain and former Coast Guardsman Paul “Moe” Mottice, with his first mate and engineer Mike Still at his side. Still has spent thousands of hours inside the Bermuda Triangle.

Also joining them is Chuck Meier, a former Navy rescue diver, sheriff’s deputy, and military contractor, who will take the reins of the investigation both on land and underwater. There’s also Dave Cziko, a former Army Cavalry scout and rescue diver, who will help them explore the ocean floor for clues and evidence to support their theories.

What’s the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?

Anomaly and mystery collide as unexplained circumstances involving naval and airplane accidents have occurred, where boats and planes have vanished from the area in good weather minus distress messages. Yet people navigate the waters every day without any reported incident.

Inconsistent, yet disturbing reports of “vanished in thin air” boats and planes — enough of them to warrant the moniker Devil’s Triangle — another name for the area.

This area is approximately 500,000 square miles of ocean off the southeastern tip of Florida.

In historical archives, explorer Christopher Columbus had noted strange goings-on in the area. Renowned seaman Joshua Slocum disappeared on a 1909 voyage from Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts) heading to South America — many people believe it was in the area of the Triangle that he perished.

There are many more events, and the team assembled by Science Channel will investigate many of these claims.

Curse Of The Bermuda Triangle airs Sundays at 10/9c on Science Channel.

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