Craig Conover wants Kathryn Dennis to return to Southern Charm, hopes that she ‘figures her stuff out’

Craig Conover on the red carpet
Craig Conover hopes Kathryn Dennis will return to Southern Charm one day. Pic credit: Pic credit: ©

Southern Charm Season 9 isn’t the same without Kathryn Dennis.

She has been part of the hit Bravo show since its inception and was the longest-running female cast member.

Unfortunately, things haven’t been going well for the redheaded beauty. She lost custody of her children to Thomas Ravenel, and most recently, Kathryn was allegedly a part of a hit and run.

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During the BravoCon Southern Charm panel, it was clear there was still a lot of love for Kathryn despite her trials and tribulations.

Craig Conover has always been in her corner, and he proved that again while speaking about her to the audience members.

In a perfect world, Kathryn would still be a part of the cast.

Craig Conover and Shep Rose filmed scenes with Kathryn Dennis

During the BravoCon panel, Craig Conover teased viewers that Kathryn Dennis filmed with him and Shep Rose during Season 9, but we likely won’t see it.

The Charmer said, “Shep and I actually filmed with her this year. I don’t think it was supposed to happen, but we did it, and I think they did it as a favor to us because we love her so much.”

As for whether Kathryn could return to Southern Charm, he said, “I think the door is always open. I think she’s working on herself and has a lot of work that she has to do before she comes back. But I hope she’s doing well, and I know a lot of people here have recently, we’ve been in contact with her.”

Craig ended with, “We love Kathryn. But we just hope that she figures her stuff out.”

Kathryn Dennis has been keeping a low profile

After it was revealed Kathryn Dennis wouldn’t be returning to Southern Charm, she seemingly disappeared from social media.

Occasionally, she will share something on her Instagram Story (like when she announced she got a puppy), but no substantial updates.

Kathryn has not spoken out about the alleged hit and run, which happened last month. She hasn’t said much of anything since losing custody and unsupervised visits with her children.

It’s unclear whether Kathryn will return to Southern Charm after working through her issues. Her former costars, Craig Conover and Shep Rose, are still there for her, even if we won’t see the scenes they filmed together.

The BravoCon panel has nothing but love for the redhead.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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