Counting On’s Ben Seewald dances with Ivy Jane, stuns and surprises followers

Ben Seewald on Counting On.
Ben Seewald danced with his daughter, Ivy Jane. Pic credit: TLC

Ben Seewald shared a video of himself dancing with his daughter, Ivy Jane Seewald, on Instagram, and it is melting the hearts of followers. 

Not only are followers gushing over the sweet father and daughter moment, but they are also wondering about the dancing. 

The Duggars grew up not being allowed to dance, so seeing Ben and Ivy on the dance floor at what is presumably a wedding, or a celebration of some sort, caught Counting On fans slightly off-guard. 

Why are Ben and Ivy Jane Seewald dancing? 

Over on his Instagram page, Ben Seewald uploaded the adorable video. In it, he is twirling his daughter around as she looks like she is having the time of her life. 

But aren’t the Duggars staying away from dancing? After all, it is one of the rules the Duggar siblings were made to follow growing up.

There were several questions about the dancing in the comments. One follower said, “Thought y’all weren’t allowed to dance”

Question about the Duggars dancing.
Pic credit: @ben_seewald/Instagram

Of course, now that Jessa Duggar is married to Ben, the rules have likely changed. They have kept many of the Duggar traditions and are people of faith, but the rules about singing and dancing appear to have been relaxed. 

Ben Seewald proves to be a good girl dad 

Counting On fans gushed over Ben Seewald and his ability to be a girl dad in the comments on the same Instagram post. 

The way he was with Ivy Jane proved he not only has patience, but he also has an adoration for his little girl. 

A follower said, “Ben was meant to be a girl dad? That is so cute!! [heart emoji]” 

Ben Seewald gets complimented in the comment section.
Pic credit: @ben_seewald/Instagram

Ivy Jane isn’t Ben’s only daughter. She was made a big sister in July when Jessa Duggar gave birth to another little girl. They named their youngest child Fern Elliana, and it appears all of the Seewald children are in awe of the baby

Jessa Duggar has updated here and there on life as a mom-of-four, but it has only been a few weeks since Fern made her debut. The couple had their first hospital birth with her, which was an experience for everyone. 

It looks like Ben has stepped up to help with the kids as Jessa gets a new routine. He had a good time on the dance floor with Ivy Jane and wanted to share it with all of his Counting On fans and followers. 

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Sheila Hughes-Rigsby
Sheila Hughes-Rigsby
2 years ago

Such a beautiful family. Just be yourselves.