10 rules the Duggar sisters are meant to follow but don’t

Jana, Jessa, Jill, and Joy-Anna Duggar.
The Duggar sisters have plenty of rules they were expected to follow. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar sisters have garnered a lot of attention over the years. 

They grew up on reality TV, and much of their adult lives have been documented for the world to see. From marrying the love of their lives to welcoming children, all adult sisters except for Jana have had their wedding televised. The births of their children have also been given birth specials. 

Over the years, Duggar followers have learned about some of the rules the Duggar sisters were supposed to follow. There are many, but over the years, the sisters have slowly begun to break them.

As the women have grown up and moved out, there has been a shift in the rules they have chosen to adopt for themselves. Some have stuck by how they were raised in certain areas, and others decided to change things for what they feel is a better fit. 

These are the rules the Duggar sisters are meant to follow but don’t. 

Long hair is a must 

Growing up, all of the adult Duggar daughters had long, undyed hair. That has changed for several of them. 

In their own way, each Duggar daughter has broken this rule. Jessa and Joy-Anna Duggar have worn bangs in recent years. Joy also dyed her hair a darker color than her natural shade. 

Jinger Duggar went blonde and cut her hair. Jill Duggar recently shared that she was looking for a hair makeover. She took several inches off her hair, and it seems like she will possibly do more and a color change. 

Jana is the one who hasn’t ventured away from the rule on this one. 

Birth control is not acceptable 

Michelle Duggar experienced a miscarriage after using birth control following the birth of Josh Duggar. She and Jim Bob have talked a lot about their views on the matter, and it always goes back to not using it. 

While Jana is not using it because she has yet to enter a courtship and get married, some of the other sisters have also stuck to this rule even after tying the knot and having children. 

Jill Duggar admitted that she and Derick Dillard use non-hormonal birth control in one of the YouTube Q&A sessions. She is the rebel when it comes to family planning and has just two children after seven years of marriage. 

No wearing pants 

If ever there was a Duggar rule meant to be broken, it was this one for the Duggar sisters. 

Each of the adult sisters has worn pants at this point. Jinger Duggar was the first to break the rule, and the rest of them followed in their own timeline. 

Jana even went out on a limb and has been photographed in pants too. Of course, modesty is still key, but Michelle Duggar has eased up on the subject of the adult Duggar sisters wearing pants. The younger set of sisters remain in skirts and dresses, though. 

Homeschooling children is a must 

While the jury is still out on some of the Duggar sisters who have younger kids, Jill was the first daughter to break this rule. 

She announced that Israel would be attending kindergarten in a public school setting. Jill Duggar was the first daughter to welcome children. Ahead of her were Josh and Anna Duggar, and she homeschools all of their children. 

Jessa Duggar is the next one in line, and with Spurgeon turning six this fall, she has likely chosen to homeschool him. There has been no announcement of heading to public school for him. 

Don’t talk about what happens in the family

Jessa and Jill telling their story.
Jill and Jessa Duggar talking about the Josh Duggar molestation scandal. Pic credit: Fox News

This is one of the most significant rules for the Duggar girls. They were sworn to secrecy about Josh Duggar touching them as children, and when the news broke about what he did nearly a decade later in 2015, things fell apart. 

Most of the sisters have remained quiet still. Jill Duggar is the one who broke this rule, but only after things got bad between her and her parents. For quite some time, as Derick Dillard dropped hints about the rift, she remained silent. 

Jill has taken to social media to speak about some of the happenings within the family. That was one of the biggest rules broken, and still, the other sisters look to their parents for guidance about when to speak. 

Joint social media accounts only 

Having a social media account was once reserved for those who are married. The Duggar daughters were not meant to have their own accounts. It was to be a joint account with their spouse. 

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth started with a joint account but then moved to separate ones. All of the married sisters have their own handle, and their husbands have separate accounts. 

Jana Duggar has an Instagram account too. She is single, but Jim Bob and Michelle must have agreed that she can have a social media handle. 

This rule is probably the most broken of the bunch since all of the sisters are involved with not following the stipulations laid out by their parents. 

No alcohol 

That’s right, beer and hard liquor are not allowed where the Duggar sisters are concerned. 

They believe that alcohol is bad, and drinking it is strictly prohibited. 

Jill Duggar was the one to break this rule. She was spotted out on a date with Derick Dillard, and there was an alcoholic drink next to her. It was confirmed as a pina colada when fans asked, and Jill did say she has a drink now and then. 

The other sisters haven’t weighed in, but it doesn’t appear they are into drinking at all. 

No secular TV or music 

Television and music are heavily monitored in the Duggar household. If there is something the parents’ question, it is banned from the sisters’ lives. 

Dancing is also not allowed. There is no music at weddings, except for hymns or something else approved by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. 

Jill has broken this rule as she reads her children secular chapter books. Her boys also have a handful of favorite TV shows.

The other sisters haven’t been open about what their children do and don’t watch, but Jessa Duggar gave her children devices to keep them content at least once. 

No physical contact ahead of marriage 

Jessa and Ben during their proposal.
Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald engaged in a front hug after he proposed. Pic credit: TLC

Premarital sex? Forget about coming close to that at all. 

The rules of courtship are very clear. There is to be no kissing at all. That is saved for the wedding day. 

Hugs are okay, but only side hugs. No frontal contact is allowed ahead of the wedding. 

In fact, the first kiss is a huge deal, and the sisters often thought long and hard about it. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald chose to have their first kiss in private while the other sisters did it in front of everyone at their ceremonies. 

Some of the sisters chose to hold hands and display other forms of affection. Kissing waited for the wedding day.

Keeping your husband happy 

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.
Michelle preaches to her girls to keep their husbands happy. Pic credit: TLC

When it comes to a healthy marriage, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar teach their daughters to be at their husband’s beck and call. That’s right, if he wants some bedroom time, you must comply. 

Michelle has gone into detail about making herself available for Jim Bob when he needs it. Sex is supposed to be a way of pleasing your husband, so if he wants it, you must do it. 

While none of the married sisters have talked about it, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that some women don’t do that. 

Raising babies and taking care of the house can be hard, and sometimes they just might be too tired.

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