Counting On: Lauren Swanson reveals depression, talks about emotional roller coaster after miscarriage

Lauren Swanson during a Counting On confessional.
Lauren Swanson talks about her miscarriage with her mom and Michelle Duggar on Counting On. Pic credit: TLC

Lauren Swanson will be opening up about her thoughts and feelings about her miscarriage on tonight’s Counting On.

Last season, she confirmed that the baby she and Josiah Duggar were expecting was miscarried. Viewers only saw the raw moments in the beginning as when they filmed, it had just happened.

Tonight, Lauren Swanson sits down with Michelle Duggar and her mom to talk about the emotional rollercoaster she experienced following the loss of the baby she and Josiah Duggar named Asa. It has been roughly a year since the incident occurred, and next month, she will welcome a baby girl into the world.

It was especially hard for Lauren because she shared the same due date as her sister-in-law, Jessa Duggar. In the preview for tonight’s Counting On, Jessa reflects on how gracious Lauren Swanson was to her during her pregnancy. She reached out to her and continually asked about her.

Earlier this year, Joy-Anna Duggar also experienced pregnancy loss. During her 20-week appointment, she learned that her baby girl was no longer alive. It was devastating to her and Austin Forsyth. Lauren Swanson reached out and helped her along the way because she had recently been there too.

There was a lot that Lauren Swanson had to say about her journey, including her battle with depression. Listening to her talk will give fans a better insight as to what she has dealt with over the last year. Even with a new baby on the way, the pain didn’t just go away.

As the season goes on, there will be more loss for the family. The timing of tonight’s episode was likely filmed sometime in the spring as Jessa Duggar talked as if she was still pregnant with Ivy Jane. She gave birth at the end of May, which means it has been several months since this conversation was had.

Counting On airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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