Counting On fans think Ivy Jane looks just like Jinger Duggar

Ben and Ivy Jane Seewald.
Counting On fans think Ivy Jane looks like Jinger Duggar. Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

Ivy Jane Seewald is an adorable little girl. Jessa Duggar has shared photos of her recently, and Counting On fans can’t help but notice how much she resembles her aunt, Jinger Duggar.

Followers have mentioned this several times since Ivy Jane eagerly came into the world. As she continues to grow, her facial expression and big blue eyes remind Counting On fans of Jinger.

Does Ivy Jane look more like Jessa or Jinger Duggar?

Several of the Duggar siblings look similar. Johannah looks just like Joy-Anna, Josh and John-David resemble one another, and a few others as well. Ivy Jane is said to look like Jinger Duggar, but she also looks a lot like Jessa did as a child.

Her big blue eyes are one of the most talked-about things. Ivy Jane has a huge personality that shines through in photos and videos shared by Jessa Duggar. Followers have been commenting about the little girl for months.

It is clear that Ivy Jane looks like her mom, she also resembles Jinger Duggar. She appears to be one of the happiest babies in the family.

Counting On viewers have commented on several different occasions that Ivy Jane looks like Jinger. The watermelon photos put that into perspective when she made what some are calling a “Jinger face.”

Fan comments on Jessa Duggar's post.
Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

Ivy Jane will have plenty of cousins to play with

While Ivy Jane is Jessa Duggar’s first little girl, she isn’t the only girl born into the Duggar family in 2019. Jinger Duggar’s daughter is turning two in just a few weeks and there were four other baby girls born after her.

The Duggar family is girl-heavy right now. Josh and Anna Duggar’s kids are mostly older than the majority. Currently, there are six baby girls under two and there are two more on the way. It appears that all of the Duggar grandbabies due this year will also be girls.

There will be plenty of friends to be made and likely more family resemblances as more babies are born. Ivy Jane was blessed with Jessa Duggar’s big eyes, but some viewers think she looks more like her aunt, Jinger Duggar.

As Jessa continues to share pictures of Ivy Jane on social media and when Counting On returns, it will be interesting to see if viewers still believe she resembles her aunt more than her mother. She just celebrated her first birthday and is going to be more mobile in the weeks and months to come.

Counting On returns Tuesday, July 7 at 8/7c on TLC.

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