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Counting On fans still don’t believe Jessa Duggar bought her own house

Ben and Jesaa Seewald on Counting On.
Jessa Duggar is getting pushback about her house. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar returned with another YouTube video about the house she and Ben Seewald are renovating.

When she revealed the family was moving into a bigger house, the Counting On star got plenty of questions about who was paying for it. Many followers insinuated that Jim Bob Duggar purchased the home, a claim Jessa called “so stupid.”

Now that Jessa has given a second update, there are more questions about how she and Ben could afford the work that needs to be done.

Counting On fans question Jessa Duggar

Jessa Duggar shared a link in her bio which sent followers to YouTube to view an 11-minute video. It showed the mom-of-four trying to decide on flooring and tile, which then turned into her showing the home’s layout and her plans in a design app.

There were plenty of fans raving about how good it looked in the comment section, but there were also some critics.

One follower asked, “How do two people that don’t work afford to pay for all this supplies and remodeling? I’m genuinely curious if your dad is paying for this too bc my husband and I both work full time and are doing the exact same thing but only with our kitchen and bathroom(not entire house). It’s costing almost $90k. Everything costs money from the cabinets, trim, lighting, kitchen appliances, electrical, countertops and backsplash. It’s a miracle you and your husband can even afford appliances without having jobs. Just saying 🤨.”

Jessa Duggar comments.
Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

The critic brought up that Jessa and Ben don’t work. Jessa has been pushing sponsored deals since Counting On was canceled and doing more YouTube videos for more significant moments in their lives, like the birth of their fourth child, Fern.

Jessa Duggar gets sassy

Since the ending of Counting On, Jessa Duggar has been more apt to clap back when critics say something she doesn’t like.

One of the most recent examples is when she asked followers to give Jana Duggar a “break” after news about her endangering the welfare of a minor charge was made public.

As for the comments about her house, Jessa has made sure to make it clear they used their savings on it. She insists Jim Bob Duggar did not help them, though it appears critics aren’t sure she’s telling the truth.

It doesn’t appear they are living in the home yet. The second update was from November 18, 2021, whereas the first update was in June of 2021, when Jessa was still pregnant with Fern.

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  1. I just do see how they can afford it. The renos I am sure are being done by the Duggar family. So that would save money. Even with the sale of their current home it would not be enough. Either Jim Bob is helping them or the church Ben works gave too them for free. I wish them luck. And you do have a beautiful family.

  2. Really? This is your major concern? Who’s paying for the Seawald house??? Why do you have to even ask that?? Would it not be offensive to you if someone asked you that??? Who cares who bought the house?!!! It’s no one’s business but theirs!! How incredibly rude to even speculate on something that is clearly NOT anyone’s business!!! There are many really important issues out there that we all need to concern ourselves with….the Seawald house shouldn’t be one of them!!!

  3. It is absolutely no one’s business how this couple pays for their home. People are genuinely messed up! Mind your own business and keep out if others.

  4. The person that said their Kitchen remodel costs 90k is assuming everyone spends that much. We renovated our whole kitchen for about 7,000. We purchased stock cabinets and looked for deals on everything including our appliances. We did the renovations ourselves with the exception of retexturing our ceiling. Renovation can be done on a budget you don’t have to spend 90k


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