Counting On fans slam Kendra Caldwell and Christina Caldwell over impromptu maternity shoot

Kendra and Christina Caldwell on Counting On.
Kendra Caldwell, and her mom, Christina Caldwell did an impromptu maternity shoot. Pic credit: TLC

Kendra Caldwell and her mom, Christina Caldwell, are both expecting babies together again.

The mother and daughter duo have been pregnant together before. Kendra welcomed her son, Garrett, in June 2018, and Christina welcomed her son, Kendra’s brother, Isaiah, later that year.

Now, the women are pregnant together again, and this time, their due dates are just three months apart.

Mother and daughter impromptu matching maternity shoot

On Instagram, Christina Caldwell shared photos of herself alongside her daughter, Kendra Caldwell.

She is married to Joseph Duggar, and the two will be welcoming their third child, a little girl, in February.

Christina will be welcoming her baby with her husband, Paul Caldwell, in May.

Counting On followers weren’t exactly welcoming with their words on the photos shared. One comment read, “That’s awkward.”

Another follower said, “Aww. Both pregnant together again !?!”

Comments on the photos of Kendra and Christina Caldwell.
Pic credit: @thecaldwellfamily/Instagram

Both women appear incredibly happy in the photos. The blondes wore red sweaters over their outfits, making it appear that they were matching on purpose.

It was also clear that Kendra’s bump was much bigger than Christina’s.


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What has Kendra Caldwell been up to?

Most recently, Kendra Caldwell joined her parents on a trip to Florida. It was then that Christina Caldwell announced her pregnancy, but that wasn’t the only big news.

Lauren Caldwell got engaged to Titus Hall on the trip as well. Over the last week or so, though, it appears that has been called off. The photos are no longer available anywhere, and they were included with the beach ones from the vacation.

Joseph and Kendra also recently announced their tiebreaker baby would be a little girl.

That makes Garrett, Addison, and baby Duggar for the couple. They are well on their way to giving Josh and Anna Duggar a run for their money with their six children.

The couple caught a lot of backlash for not refraining from social distancing when it comes to her parents. They spent Easter with them shortly after the country was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, which caused quite the stir.

Counting On followers will be watching what Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar do with the holidays approaching and the hustle and bustle of big family life.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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