Corinne Olympios says The Bachelor has gone downhill and it’s all her fault

Corinne Olympios at a movie premiere.
Corinne Olympios thinks she brought the Bachelor franchise down. Pic credit: ImageCollect/Admedia

Former Bachelor “villain,” Corinne Olympios, implies that she’s to blame for The Bachelor franchise going downhill.

Corinne became an infamous figure on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. She was dubbed the villain after bragging about her relationship with Nick and stirring up drama in the house.

The villain was always an essential role in the eyes of producers, Corrine took it to the next level. She thinks that she set the expectation of Bachelor villains to a new level, and it has worsened the quality of the show.

“I’m a little over it post my experience,” Corinne said in Us Weekly’s podcast, Here For the Right Reasons. “I did watch it before and really liked it. Also, mind you when I watched it, it was still, like, a real television show. Now it’s just cheesy and kind of fake to me…I honestly think the turning point was my season. I think I’m to blame for all of this.”

Corinne is tired of watching the same Bachelor tropes

Corinne revealed that she finds the show to be too predictable now — especially in regards to the fate of the villain.

“I know the spiel. I know how it goes. I know the girls. I mean, it always goes the same way,” Corinne explained. “It starts out, everyone’s excited. But there’s a little bit of drama, then, you know, everyone thinks the girl that’s causing the drama is gonna go home, but nope, she doesn’t! And then she stays a little longer, but then she ends up going home anyway.”

The only time one of the villains won was on Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor. Courtney Robertson was hated by most of the house and received Ben’s final rose. However, as fans saw, it didn’t work out too well for Ben.

The Bachelor has become known for over-the-top villains

Some viewers may think Corinne has a point. Corinne’s outlandish comments and over-the-top personality paved the way for many other bold Bachelor villains to come.

Some of these villains include Krystal Nielsen from Arie Luyendyk’s season of The Bachelor and Victoria Larson from Matt James’s season.

However, there were also plenty of villains who came before Corinne and surely ones who will come after Corinne as well.

The villain role hasn’t been limited to women either. There have also been plenty of male villains on The Bachelorette including Chad Johnson, Luke Parker, and Ian Thompson.

Some have argued that some leads even became the villain of their own season including Arie and Juan Pablo Galavis.

While villains usually get a bad reputation, viewers have to admit they love to hate them.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC

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