Colton Underwood wasn’t allowed to speak out on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood reveals he wasn’t able to talk about Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Colton Underwood was chosen as The Bachelor when Becca Kufrin dumped him.

He became America’s sweetheart as he was a self-proclaimed virgin.

He also won over hearts when he knew early on that Cassie Randolph was the one he wanted, even though she questioned whether she wanted him.

But it sounds like not everything is as it seems.

Colton had been under a non-disclosure agreement, but that has ended, and he’s speaking out.

Colton Underwood is no longer under contract

Now that Colton can speak out, he has some interesting things to say about his time on The Bachelor. He’s now revealing that he wanted to break the fourth wall, something that did not make producers happy.

“One of my goals of the show is to break the fourth wall and I don’t think production really liked that I was on board with that,” Colton explains in an interview with US Weekly.

One of the reasons why Colton wanted to speak out was because he felt that the viewers were being tricked. He wanted to write about Peter’s season because of his experience on The Bachelor, but producers wouldn’t let him.

“But nobody wants to feel tricked nowadays and I think that was my growing frustration as I was, you know, watching or not really watching but hearing about Peter’s season and seeing the recaps on Twitter, and they wouldn’t let me write about it,” Colton said.

“They wouldn’t let me talk about his season because I knew I’d keep it too real. They knew that I knew too much of what was going on.”

He explains that he’s convinced that producers wanted him to stay away from the show because he knew too much of what was staged vs. real.

Producers didn’t want him dishing his realistic approach in a column.

Just because Colton couldn’t speak out in a column during Peter’s season doesn’t mean he’s keeping everything to himself.

Now, he’s speaking out, and he reveals that he understands that The Bachelor could be staged a bit for the sake of entertainment, as it does fall under the entertainment business.

“I realize, like, this is an entertainment business, it’s a business and you don’t take things personally, but I’m still gonna maintain a professional relationship with you,” he explained during the interview.

“I just asked for that in return. I think when the line started getting crossed, and I got told to be a ‘good little boy’ and ‘keep my mouth shut.’ Like that’s when I was like, ‘You don’t get to say that.’”

Colton Underwood reveals he felt demeaned during Bachelor process

In the interview, Colton revealed that he felt that the producers were controlling over him, putting him down, and making him feel he couldn’t speak up at all.

Interestingly, he also claims that he doesn’t want to be threatened into silence, despite having a non-disclosure agreement.

“You don’t get to still act like you have this control and this power over me. Yes, I have a contract with you. Yes, I have an NDA. Yes, I’m going to abide by that. But please, don’t do demean me,” he said.

“Please don’t threaten me. Please don’t make these statements saying you made me when this is America, you’re only as good as your last job. And if that was The Bachelor for me, that was The Bachelor for me, and I felt like I did a good job to keep moving forward.”

Colton doesn’t reveal what he was supposedly threatened over, but it’s clear that he’s not happy about the way he was treated during The Bachelor.

This explains why he jumped the fence during his season and ran away from production for a while before they could catch up with him.

Colton is dishing more details about his life in the spotlight in a new book published on March 31, 2020.

In his new memoir, The First Time, Colton also opened up about the time he broke things off with Cassie.

He explains that the two weren’t communicating, and they decided to break up. But within days, they were back together because they realized they couldn’t be without each other.

He isn’t letting his role on The Bachelor define him anymore, including the big question of whether he’s a virgin or not.

When he recently addressed whether he was still a virgin, he revealed he was taking ownership of his life and he wasn’t talking about his sex life.

Other than promoting his book, Colton has been dealing with coronavirus. He tested positive after not feeling great and has been self-isolating at Cassie’s parents’ house.

He’s staying alone in a bedroom to avoid spreading it to others but has revealed via social media that he’s doing much better.

The Bachelorette is currently postponed due to coronavirus.

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