Colt Johnson says he took time to focus on himself before stint on The Single Life spinoff

90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson
90 Day Fiance star says he wasn’t always “the best person” during his past time on the show as he looks forward to the new 90 Day Fiance spinoff. Pic credit: TLC

Colt Johnson is easily one of 90 Day Fiance’s most polarizing personalities. Between his close relationship with his mother Debbie, and his disastrous relationships with both ex-wife, Larissa Lima, and ex-girlfriend, Jess Caroline, he’s had a rough go with critics.

However, Colt hasn’t let that deter him from sticking with the 90 Day Fiance world, and soon fans will be able to watch more of Colt as he navigates life after these relationships in the new spinoff The Single Life.

Sitting down with Us Weekly correspondent Christina Garibaldi, Colt shares how the single life has been treating him and dishes on what fans can expect to see on the new show.

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Colt says single life has allowed him to ‘focus’ on himself

Christina jumped right into her interview with Colt by asking how the single life has been treating him.

“You know, it’s been crazy. It’s been pretty good. I finally had time to focus on myself. And that’s something that I don’t think a lot of people can honestly say they do,” he said.

Colt also acknowledged that watching back on his past seasons with the show, he wasn’t all that happy – which is a stark contrast from where he’s at now. He even admits that taking the time to reflect during quarantine has been tough because he didn’t like what he saw in himself.

“Especially watching the last season happily…you know, I wasn’t always the best person. Especially, like, in relationships and the way I treated myself. I think I realized I never really loved myself,” he continued.

Although his self-love was low at the time, Colt admitted that he’s taking “baby steps” towards loving himself now.

Colt reveals what he’s looking for in a partner

Colt also shared that his mindset has shifted in terms of what he’s looking for in a relationship. He admitted that his eyes were truly opened when he watched how his marriage and divorce from Larissa, in combination with his relationship with Jess, ultimately played out.

“I think what I want going forward is just the smaller things. I think I just want communication, foundation, a good friendship, I think [that] would be a great start. These are things I never really had in my relationships prior,” he confessed.

In addition to understanding what he’s looking for in a partner, Colt also said that he’s moved way too fast and overlooked red flags in his prior relationships, including his proposal to Larissa just five days after first meeting.

As for what’s coming up in the new The Single Life spinoff, Colt says that fans will get a glimpse of his “domestic” dating adventures.

“I’m dating domestic now,” he laughed. “Given up on foreign girls. It’s the first time I’m dating locally in Las Vegas, so I’m very excited. And honestly, just finding people I have more things in common with, you know, I just want to get to know people.”

And not only will fans get to watch Colt date local women for the first time, but he also shared that he’s meeting people differently than before. In addition to the popular dating apps, Colt said he’s meeting people through friends and even tried speed dating.

With all the new excitement of dating, Colt isn’t in the experience alone. He confirmed that he’s still living with his mom, Debbie, and when asked how she feels about this, Colt expressed that she’s on board with it.

“I think she’s excited for me dating again. Probably, she’s excited that local girls…she can probably talk with them better. She’s probably just excited to have, you know, someone to talk to more easily,” he concluded.

90 Day: The Single Life premieres Sunday, Feb. 21 on Discovery+.

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