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Colt in a Speedo on 90 Day Fiance has Twitter fans in a uproar, blaming TLC for the awkward moment

fans react to Colt in a speedo
Colt sports a speedo in Brazil. Pic credit: TLC

The latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After gave us a lot more than we bargained for, and yes, we’re talking about Colt Johnson.

Newly divorced Colt is in Brazil to visit his girlfriend Jess Caroline, and of course his mom Debbie tagged along for the ride.

After an awkward single-room situation that occurred when they first landed in the country, fans assumed that all the was cringe-worthy moments were behind them.

However, things got a lot more uncomfortable for viewers when Jess and Colt decided to spend a day at a beach.

The couple wanted to carve out some private time together away from Debbie, so they changed into their swimwear and set out for some sun and sand.

Colt shows off his tiny speedo on TV

TLC cameras followed Jess and Colt to the beach. As the couple stood around having a conversation, Colt began to unbutton his shirt.

He then pulled his pants down and fans got a glimpse of the TLC star in a speedo. For many, it wasn’t a welcome sight.

Even Jess seemed to be a bit surprised, although she did play it off nicely exclaiming, “Oooh” as Colt continued to strip down.

“What do you think?” asked Colt as he showcased his black and aqua colored speedo. “Oooh sexy boy,” Jess replied, still looking a bit shocked.

Colt didn’t seem the least bit phased by Jess’ facial expression.

As a matter of fact, a very confident Colt then said, “When in  Brazil, do as the Brazilians do.”

“I like the look,” replied Jess, “great.”

Fans react to Colt in a speedo

Jess may have warmed up to seeing her boyfriend in a speedo, but TV viewers didn’t have the same response– quite the opposite, actually.

While Colt does deserve some credit for his confidence, fans on Twitter were pretty much all on the same page regarding him in that speedo.

The consensus was that we could have gone without seeing it.

The comments poured in about the awkward scene on the beach.

“I am suing TLC for this. time to go bleach my eyes,” one fan tweeted.

Another Twitter user chimed in, saying, “Has 2020 not f*#$ed us up enough? Thanks TLC.”

Twitter user mocks Colt
Pic credit:@jezziebezzie/Twitter

Fan reacts to Colt in speedo
Pic credit:@ShampooDouglass/Twitter

Meanwhile, at least one person in the comment section gave the 90 Day Fiance star some credit for being brave enough to show off his bod on TV.


Check out the clip for yourself, in case you missed it!

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.


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  1. Body shaming is never ok. If colt or anyone is confident enough to walk on a beach in beachwear of their choice that makes them feel comfortable people have no right to insult or demean them publicly. We would never tolerate the online body shaming abuse if he was a woman.

  2. his boobs are as big as hers and yes he’s a fat ass just ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he needs to be on a calander for fat sissy momma boys


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