Clayton Echard celebrates turning 29 by doing some ‘dangerous things’

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard turns 29 years old. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard has seemed back to himself lately, as he landed the woman of his dreams when Susie Evans took him back, and they reconciled their relationship.

His hardships and stress had him down and out for a while, and he was struggling with the show, his decisions, and the backlash and criticism he received from all of it.

As he has moved to Virginia Beach to live with Susie, the two seem so in love and happier than ever when it comes to their social media posts and photos. Hopefully, as Clayton goes into the last year of his 20s, things only go up for him from here.

Just a few days ago, Clayton turned 29, and Susie surprised him and popped some champagne because he got to visit and feed a sloth. But that’s not all Clayton got to do on his birthday.

What else did Clayton Echard reveal he did on his birthday this year?

Clayton revealed on his Instagram page that he really got crazy and lived dangerously this last birthday in his 20s, as he also did some other things he normally wouldn’t do.

He added five photos to his Instagram post, which he captioned by saying, “This weekend, I stood within a foot of a rhino, ate cake in bed and wore denim on denim. Year 29 has me feeling dangerous (shocked face emoji and a gust of wind emoji).”

Clayton added a photo with Susie, where he showcased the denim on denim fashion statement, and one of the both of them holding on to the famous sloth that Clayton got to feed, which was a highlight for him.

In another photo, Susie could be seen eating a forkful of cake out of a huge cake box, and in the last video, Susie was brushing the back of a gigantic rhino.

Clayton has had to get through a lot of hardships during and after his stint as The Bachelor

While Bachelor Nation fans were upset with Clayton a lot of the time during the airing of The Bachelor and how he disregarded some of the women and their feelings and words, viewers only truly want the best for him.

Moreover, while fans were astonished that Susie took Clayton back, he has owned up to his mistakes and choices and profusely apologized for everyone he hurt in the process. This shows great maturity on his part.

Hopefully, the duo continues to grow and prosper together, and they truly do get to live out their happily ever after together.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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