Clay Harbor says ATFR wasn’t the same without Chris Harrison and The Bachelor alums respond

Clay Harbor
Clay Harbor shares his thoughts about Bachelor Nation right now. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor In Paradise star Clay Harbor apparently still watches the show after he tried twice to find love on national television.

He first tried to find love with Becca Kufrin on The Bachelorette, but after he was sent home, he went to Mexico for Bachelor In Paradise to try his luck there.

While he did find a connection with Nicole Lopez-Alvar, she wasn’t ready to enter a relationship with him where they would just date.

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She wanted a commitment and to hear that he loved her. He couldn’t provide that for her.

It appears that Clay is still following along with the show, but he recently shared an unpopular opinion. He said that After The Final Rose without Chris Harrison didn’t work out if you ask him.

Clay Harbor shares an unpopular opinion on Twitter about The Bachelor franchise

During Monday night’s Bachelor finale, Clay shared his thoughts on Twitter. He revealed that it wasn’t the same without Chris.

“After ATFR without Chris Harrison is like watching Judge Judy with no Judy #TheBachelor,” Clay wrote, adding in a separate tweet, “Simply stating after 20 years of the same host that it felt different without him. That being said I thought my former teammate @EmmanuelAcho did an absolutely amazing job of hosting. This tweet was in no way meant to be suggestive or political.”

Clay Harbor
Pic credit: @clarharbs82/Twitter

Dylan Barbour chimed in on the conversation, writing that Clay’s tweets caused him to be canceled. Chris Randone also chimed in, simply writing, “Clay…….”

It was clear by the conversation that Clay’s tweets didn’t sit well with other Bachelor nation members.

Clay Harbor has been on the show a couple of times

Clay has tried to find love twice on the show. Back in 2019, he appeared on Bachelor In Paradise, where he grew close to Nicole. The two broke up during the finale, and they clearly had unresolved issues.

However, they were cut out of the Bachelor In Paradise finale because executive producers felt that their relationship wasn’t important enough to get screen time.

Instead, they put the focus on Blake Horstmann’s Stage Coach drama front and center. It was revealed that Blake had slept with a few of the contestants before joining the show.

Clay still stays in touch with some Bachelor members. In fact, he confirmed that Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan were dating back in April 2020 when the world was wondering what Peter was doing in Chicago with Kelley.

It would take them a few weeks to confirm the news, but Clay ended up being right. Peter and Kelley were indeed dating and had rekindled their Bachelor romance during the mandatory quarantine back in the spring.

The Bachelorette returns this spring.

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