What happened to Clay and Nicole on Bachelor In Paradise: Why were they not on the finale reunion?

Clay and Nicole
Clay and Nicole were cut from the Bachelor In Paradise reunion. Pic credit: ABC

Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar ended their relationship on the season finale of Bachelor In Paradise. While Clay wanted to try a relationship outside of Mexico, Nicole couldn’t move on with him unless she heard those three little words after just a few weeks of dating.

While the relationship ended with Nicole walking away from Clay on the beach, fans are now wondering why the two weren’t at the reunion. As it turns out, they were there and Nicole even filmed a hot-seat segment. However, for some reason, ABC decided to cut it out.

Even Nicole was convinced she was going to be on the show until the episode was slowly coming to an end and Chris Harrison had yet to introduce Peter Weber as the next Bachelor.

If you missed the dramatic breakup, you can watch below.

Clay Wants More Time, Nicole Leaves - Bachelor in Paradise

But just because Clay and Nicole didn’t get a chance to update fans on the Bachelor In Paradise finale doesn’t mean they don’t have things to say.

Clay, who wanted to try and pursue a relationship with Nicole outside of the show, revealed on Instagram that he wished nothing but the best for Nicole as the two continued to move in different directions.

Nicole’s approach, however, was different. On Twitter, she released a few tweets indicating that she had not gotten the best of the situation. She also hinted that she was worthy of everything he had to offer, including those three little words.

Nicole also pointed out that she felt Clay was stringing her along, knowing full well that he didn’t want a relationship with her. We should note that Bachelor In Paradise is filmed over a month in Mexico and Clay and Nicole weren’t together from day 1.

Many fans support Clay in his decision to not get engaged to Nicole after knowing her for just a few weeks, but Nicole wanted everything or nothing.

Bachelor In Paradise will return next summer.

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