Clare Crawley likes tweet calling out The Bachelorette producers for being ‘cold’

Clare Crawley films for The Bachelorette
Clare Crawley subtly threw shade towards The Bachelorette producers. Pic credit: ABC

Former Bachelorette lead Clare Crawley hinted that she may not be thrilled with the way producers have treated her after she abruptly left the show with Dale Moss.

Clare subtly shared her opinion when she liked a tweet from a fan shading Bachelor producers Robert Mills, Mike Floss and the ABC network for giving Clare the cold shoulder.

“Why @Millsy11374 @fleissmeister @ABCNetwork don’t let @Clare_Crawley & @DaleMoss give multiple interviews like @Tayshia & Zac or lest #Clare? I haven’t seen her/them on #BachelorNation or any interviews. The treatment is very cold. She’s a bachelorette too!” The fan exclaimed.

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One person liked the tweet, and that one person was Clare Crawley herself.

The user then issued a follow-up post explaining where she was coming from with her initial statement.

“I say this @Millsy11374 @fleissmeister because @Clare_Craw did share a season & pick someone too!” The enthusiastic fan continued. “Her journey although short shouldn’t be dismissed or ignored as if she wasn’t a #bachelorette too! All i know is y’all better treat Michelle right! #TheBachelor.”

Clare Crawley liked a fan tweet.
Pic credit: Twitter/@Clare_Crawley

Clare recently spoke out about unfavorable editing

Clare recently expressed that she wasn’t thrilled about how her season of The Bachelorette was edited.

Clare shared that the reason that she decided to be the Bachelorette lead is that she wanted to show off her more vulnerable side and show that it’s ok to not always be perfect.

She dove into the topic with Girl Powerful Project during an Instagram Live interview.

Clare expressed “wanted to have the perfect fairytale be imperfect human beings and still be loved because of that.”

However, it seems Clare thinks the producers focused too much on the imperfections and caused The Bachelorette to tell her love story in a way that didn’t seem favorable to her.

“So, it didn’t come out that way and it wasn’t edited that way,” Clare admitted. “But that’s OK. I love showing the sides of who I am. We’re all the same.”

Clare ditched her season of The Bachelorette for Dale Moss

Members of Bachelor Nation had mixed reactions on Clare’s brief time on The Bachelorette.

Clare intended to film a full season of The Bachelorette, but she was swept off her feet when she met Dale.

She immediately declared that at that moment she had met her husband. She showed some clear bias towards Dale during the first few episodes as she gave him extra time over the other men.

It became clear to Chris Harrison that Clare couldn’t continue on with the season that way and both agreed it would be best for her to confess her feelings to Dale.

Dale expressed that he felt the same way and proposed to her which prompted the two of them to leave the show.

Some fans felt this was the right move and were happy for Clare’s love story.

Others felt that Clare may have been rushing into things and not giving the other men a fair chance.

Clare seems to believe that editing has to do with some of the unfavorable opinions of her season.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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