Christine Brown tells Sister Wives fans she needs $50,000 for daughter’s surgery, raising money selling Lularoe

Christine Brown in a Sister Wives confessional.
Christine Brown is raising money for her daughter. Pic credit: TLC

Christine Brown has found herself in need of some serious cash. The Sister Wives star revealed to fans that if they purchase her Lularoe merchandise, they will be helping one of her daughters get the surgery that she needs.

While details surrounding which daughter is having surgery has not been revealed by Christine, it is likely Ysabel. There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the next season of Sister Wives being all about Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter and her scoliosis battle.

Why does Christie Brown need the money?

According to The Ashely, Christine Brown told everyone in her Lularoe Facebook group that she was raising money for her daughter’s surgery.

It appears to have been during a live sale where she was encouraging fans and followers to purchase the clothing items so that she could raise $50,000.

Some questions were raised about why she needed such a large amount of money and why she was raising it on her own with Kody Brown remaining silent.

Christine revealed that she could not talk about which daughter she was referring to or what the surgery was for because she signed an NDA with TLC.

The easy answer is Ysabel. She has shared her journey with scoliosis on Sister Wives. Also, not too long ago, there were hints that the next season of the show would update viewers on her condition.

Christine Brown on Instagram.
Pic credit: @christine_brownsw

Are the Sister Wives broke?

There has been a lot of discussion about the financial situation with Kody Brown and all of his wives. There have been many reports that the reality TV family is broke but quite a few fans have questioned how that is possible.

They not only get paid for filming Sister Wives, but several of them also pull in an income from Lularoe and from other businesses they own.

But with four wives and 18 kids, it’s understandable that Kody Brown and his crew have some pretty hefty living expenses. That coupled with the cost of moving the whole family from Nevada to Arizona could at least partially explain why the family is said to be struggling.

There has not been a renewal confirmation from TLC but there have been reports that the family has been filming. Given the statements made in recent weeks and the secrecy surrounding the $50,000 surgery, it is all but set in stone that the Browns will return with more to share.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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3 years ago

So why are the women working? What is Cody doing?????

Marilyn Shakespeare
Marilyn Shakespeare
3 years ago

Sell a car, or a house, or get the money out of Kody’s hidden stash. She’s his daughter too. I’m sure they have a business account where they hide tax free money too.
We could all probably use an extra $50,000, but we don’t go begging, we work for it.

juanita diamond
juanita diamond
3 years ago

This is a lot of BULL, if they can buy all this land and rent and buy these manchins { huge houses} they can pay for her surgery, they live like millionaires, leave the charity for familys that really need the help, tell Kody to go get a job and suport his own kids, This is so SAMEFUL of them.