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Christina from MAFS is unrecognizable after being matched with Henry, extreme weight loss and possible plastic surgery

Christina on Married at First Sight New Orleans
Christina has changed her appearance quite a bit since filming Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Christina hasn’t had the smoothest ride on this season of Married at First Sight. The Princess Bride was paired with the ‘Reserved Gentleman’ Henry to get married as strangers on the hit Lifetime show.

Henry was far from her usual type but due to her past failed relationships, she owed it to herself to take the expert’s advice and give it a shot. Fresh off a five-year relationship, she was ready to settle down and use the experts to find her perfect match.

Christina knew immediately that cautious Henry was different but would make it her life’s mission to get him to have more fun. The experts hoped Christina’s sassy personality would bring reserved Henry out of his shell. In this case, the opposites did not attract.

Unfortunately, Henry took Christina’s personality as pushy and impatient, and it wasn’t long before she made him feel uncomfortable.

Was Henry not attracted to Christina?

In her previous relationships, she was used to her partners seeking her out and being the aggressor. Henry’s introvert nature had her waiting for him to make a move on her for weeks.

The lack of physical intimacy didn’t even give the couple the opportunity to create chemistry.

From finding out she didn’t have a place of her own, to the way she dealt with the production crew, her behavior pushed him away but he failed to express it to her directly. Henry is the king of complaining about Christina to cameras, but not to her face.

Finally, upon a meeting with Pastor Cal, although he admitted to finding her attractive, he only felt friendship toward her.

Christina is unrecognizable on social media

As a girl who expressed that she’s used to feeling chased – it’s no secret that Henry’s lack of interest probably hit her self-esteem.

Pic credit: @chrstina_ann/Instagram

Although the 30-year-old was gorgeous before – Christina has debuted a new look over social media and fans are shocked at how tiny the flight attendant looks now.

It’s also worth noting that Christina’s teeth have been straightened in the photo above compared to her smile as seen on Married at First Sight.

Apart from the extreme weight loss and her straighter smile, it is speculated that she even had some cosmetic procedures done on her face as well.

The relationship between Henry and Christina wasn’t going well and maybe this is her way of making herself feel better.

Christina debuts extreme weight loss. Pic Credit: @chrstina_ann/Instagram

Do you think Christina got work done or just went hard for her revenge body?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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  1. She definitely doesn’t look better, she looks unhealthy. OR she has a twin sister imposing as her? Lol
    Otherwise if its reslly Cristina……..EAT GIRL!!!

  2. Christina is a self-centered, childish, narcissistic brat. She loses her temper and lies to save face. She yells at, undermines and disrespects production staff. When confronted with her dishonesty she makes excuses, changes the subject, lies some more, cries, storms out, blames the other person and basically turns the attention around on Henry. She is a self-admitted liar and drama queen. She leaves for extended periods of time for a “walk” in date attire. She said she has sex the same day as meeting guys. You know what she’s doing on those walks? Getting some.

    Henry is a genuine, kind, patient, understanding, compassionate man and she doesn’t like him because he doesn’t “have confidence”.

    After their huge fight she makes a huge story about him being gay just to turn the attention on him and make him look bad with NO EVIDENCE. Then they go to the couples retreat and all the sudden everything is A-OK? Meanwhile, they hardly even speak to each other, and don’t even live with each other most of the time.

    Definition Female Narcissist

  3. I thought Christine was hot and if Henry didn’t want her I would gladly take his place. She has a beautiful face and a sexy body to boot.


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