Chrishell Stause says the Oppenheim Group’s branded wine is ‘so gross’

Chrishell Stause wine
Chrishell Stause talks about her diet and says Oppenheim Group wine is really gross. Pic credit: Netflix

The Oppenheim twins and the ladies of Selling Sunset are often seen popping open a bottle of Oppenheim Group brand wine.

That doesn’t mean that it tastes great. In fact, Chrishell Stause has admitted that it is actually pretty gross.

Chrishell shared an example of her daily diet

In a recent interview, Chrishell joked about the wine while sharing an example of her daily meals.

After appearing on Dancing With the Stars, Chrishell is in the best shape of her life. She also credits her body to eating healthy meals regularly.

She was once a vegetarian but she said she now eats meat occasionally. For breakfast, Chrishell drinks coffee and eats eggs.

However, when she is busy dancing on television and selling homes, she usually grabs a protein bar instead.


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She loves any protein bars with peanut butter. When lunchtime rolls around, she tries to get in her vegetables.

She eats a lot of fish with broccoli, carrots, and corn in particular. This busy lady doesn’t have time for snacks!

If she does get too hungry before dinner, she will try to grab some fruit.

For dinner, Chrishell said she prefers to go out to eat. She likes sushi, pizza, and lasagna. If she can’t head out, she will probably cook something from the freezer.

Even the healthiest of women love desserts once in a while. Chrishell reveals that she loves strawberry shortcake and pineapple upside-down cake.

Chrishell loves to drink, but not Oppenheim Group wine

When talking about drinks, Chrishell loves tea, coffee, and of course, martinis or wine!


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However, she admitted that the Oppenheim Group wine is “gross.” She said, “It’s so gross. I’d have to lose a bet to drink any more of that wine.”

Yikes! Fellow cast member Mary Fitzgerald has also revealed in a separate interview that the wine is not great.

She said that Jason and Brett Oppenheim had the idea to create a wine since many of their buyers and sellers have wine cellars.

However, they didn’t taste it before they went through with the deal.

Unfortunately for them, it didn’t work out and it doesn’t have the best flavor.

Although, co-star Amanza Smith has said she enjoys the wine.

Selling Sunset is currently on Netflix streaming Seasons 1-3. 

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