‘Chris Harrison shouldn’t be canceled’ says The Bachelorette alum

Chris Harrison of The Bachelorette.
A former star of The Bachelorette said that host Chris Harrison should not be canceled. Pic credit: ABC/Todd Wawrychuck

A The Bachelorette alum said that show host Chris Harrison “shouldn’t be canceled” after comments he made during an interview with Rachel Lindsay for the television show Extra.

Eric Bigger, who was a contestant on the Season 13 of The Bachelorette, made his comments to Us Weekly.

He believed that the host, who has helmed the franchise’s original programming since it made its ABC debut in 2002, should be given the benefit of the doubt.

“I love Chris Harrison. … I know him personally, he’s a great individual,” Eric said during Us’ “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

“We all fall short at times; we all make mistakes. No one’s perfect,” he said.

“I think, in that moment, he made a big mistake, he messed up. You know, if I saw him today, and I had the conversation, [I’d say], like, ‘You made a mistake, buddy, it’s OK,’” he explained.

Eric does not believe Chris should be canceled

The Bachelorette alum said there are consequences and a “cause and effect” for everything, and he believes that Chris Harrison should be suspended and should have some time off.

Eric believes Chris should take this time to rethink and educate himself in some ways and do some work.

However, he does not believe he should be canceled.

“Come on, like, we’re not even being real, right? So, you’re telling me no one can show up and be a person and make mistakes?” he questioned.

He believes The Bachelor host is a ‘decent human being’

“I think Chris Harrison is a decent human being,” he claimed.

“I think if he’s open and he’s willing, and Rachel [Lindsay] and whoever else wants to get involved, I think he should have a discussion and talk about what was done,” he said. “I’m all about solutions. I’m not into recreating narratives.”

Eric said that in casting upcoming seasons of the series, producers should figure out a way to get tips from past contestants regarding their experiences moving forward.

He feels that producers should get feedback from past contestants before moving forward.

“There should be [questions like], ‘Have you dealt with racism? How do you feel about being whatever ethnic group you are?’ I think there should be more detailed, like, questionnaires and conversations [during the casting process],” he said during the podcast.

Eric also called for more diversity behind-the-scenes.

In the end, he knows that the show is a business. However, if that business generates revenue from a certain demographic that makes sense for their audience, then that’s what it is. Eric said if the show is going to intervene and add different people into the network or platform, more awareness and consciousness is essential.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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