Chris Harrison should return to The Bachelor after his apology, says Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison should come back to host The Bachelor says his educator. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Harrison has stepped down temporarily from his role as The Bachelor host.

His decision to step back came after an interview he did with former Bachelorette lead Rachel Lindsay about Rachael Kirkconnell’s photos from 2018.

Chris revealed it wasn’t his responsibility to judge Rachael for the photos. In the photos, it was revealed that she had attended a Southern Belle party. He also urged others not to judge Rachael for her actions.

After being called out by Bachelor Nation, Chris decided to step back from his hosting duties to focus on his personal education and learning about what he had done and who he had offended with his comments.

While many Bachelor Nation members question whether he should get a chance to return to his job, one person is standing in his corner.

Chris Harrison should get a second chance

Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Chris’s educator thinks he should get his job back and use the platform for something good.

ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and Dr. Dyson shared that Chris is doing the work to understand what happened and why his comments hurt so many people.

Chris is doing the hard work to educate himself, which is why Dr. Dyson believes he should come back to his old job.

“I think as a host, it’s extremely important for him to have been through this and to be even more deeply sensitized to the issues of race, to the issues of conflict, with history and the present, and how the franchise can embody some of the best ideals and the norms that he has now taken to,” Dyson explained.

“The perspectives that he now has — and I think he will be all the better for it — and I think quite frankly, the show will be all the better for it as well.”

Dr. Dyson also revealed that Chris isn’t holding back when learning and absorbing everything. He’s convinced that Chris is doing all of this to improve his own understanding of the country’s history and him as a person – not to get a job back from ABC.

“He’s a sponge, he’s wide open, he’s critical, he’s self-critical, he’s introspective, and he’s not doing it for a job. He’s doing it for his journey. And that journey is toward recognition, that journey is toward racial justice, that journey is toward understanding how he as a white guy can continue to make a contribution by understanding what his privileges are, what his place is, and what his responsibility is. So, I’ve been heartened by that.”

Chris Harrison apologized for his actions on Good Morning America

Chris apologized on Good Morning America last week, revealing he was doing the work to educate himself. Chris did his interview with Michael Strahan, who revealed he thought Chris’ apology was ‘a surface response.’

Other Bachelor Nation members added that they wouldn’t feel comfortable coming back to the franchise if he continued to be the host.

Some members, including Mike Johnson, revealed it would be best if Chris stepped down permanently and pursued other opportunities. ABC has not issued a statement on what they plan on doing.

As for Chris, he revealed that he plans to be back on The Bachelor to host the show. He’s doing the work and he has every plan on coming back on the show. He hasn’t provided a timeline yet, but The Bachelorette is expected to start filming the third week of March.

As of right now, no host has been announced for the next season.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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