Chris Harrison gets praise after saying he wanted to tell Peter Weber to ‘get it together’

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison is speaking out about his experience with Peter Weber. Pic credit: ABC

Chris Harrison dealt with a lot of emotional contestants throughout his time as The Bachelor and Bachelorette host.

While some of the contestants have been easy and followed their hearts, others needed deep conversations with Harrison to make sure they were making the right decisions.

Some of the contestants could probably have used some handholding throughout the entire experience if you ask Harrison.

Last week, Harrison was asked about his experience as the host of The Bachelor franchise.

He appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and Clarkson wanted to know if some of the contestants ever made him want to scream.

As it turns out, it wasn’t too long ago that Chris felt those exact feelings.

Chris Harrison admits he wanted to tell Peter to get it together

During the interview, Harrison reveals that he wanted to grab Peter by the collar and essentially shake some sense into him.

“Gosh, I don’t know if there’s anyone on the show that I haven’t wanted to do that,” the quote from Chris reads, adding, “I mean, even this last season with Peter [Weber], I wanted to just grab him by the shirt collar and be like, ‘Come on, man. Pull it together.’ Because he was a mess coming down the stretch.”

After the interview was published, fans started to express similar feelings on Instagram and Twitter.

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison has the support of Bachelor fans. Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

“Same, Chris Harrison, same,” the person behind the @bachelor.clown Instagram account wrote on the post, as shared by @bachelornation.scoop Instagram account.

The account also revealed that Chris spoke for the entire Bachelor Nation with his comments.

On Twitter, one person chimed in that Peter’s season of The Bachelor was so bad that Chris retired from the show. Of course, that last part of the statement about Chris retiring is just a joke.

Another person said that there was no coronavirus until Peter became the Bachelor, joking that the virus had helped shut down the franchise because Weber’s season was so bad.

You can watch the clip from the interview with Kelly Clarkson here.

In February, Peter admitted he was one of the worst Bachelor stars to be on the show, so it’s not like Harrison’s comments will come as a shock to him.

He revealed that he made mistakes in bringing back women after he had sent them home and kept some women around for too long rather than send them home.

Chris Harrison supports Peter’s journey to find love

These days, Chris is supportive of Peter’s new love life.

After The Bachelor ended, Peter and Madison Prewett decided to end their brief relationship. Within weeks, Peter was spotted in Chicago with Kelley Flanagan, and the two admitted that they were in quarantine together.

The two went Instagram official this month after weeks of speculation that they were dating. As it turns out, quarantine is a better way for Peter to find love than going on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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