Cherie Chan is unsure about a second season return if Bling Empire gets renewed

Bling Empire star Cherie Chan may not return for another season of the show
Will Cherie Chan return to Bling Empire? Pic credit:Netflix

Bling Empire is the hot new reality show fans have been binging on Netflix. It features a group of super-wealthy and equally gorgeous Asian-Americans living showcasing their work-life and personal life.

The reality show has even been compared to the hugely successful 2018 movie, Crazy Rich Asians. And although the series recently dropped on the streaming service, fans are already asking about a Season 2.

Although Netflix has not greenlit Bling Empire for another season, fans are confident that it’s only a matter of time.

But if the show returns, one familiar face may not join her fellow castmates. Cherie Chan recently admitted that she’s not totally committed to returning for another season if they do get the greenlight.

Cherie Chan talks about Bling Empire

The Bling Empire star had a recent chat on #NoFilter with Zach Peter to dish about the huge success of the show. However, despite all the fanfare, Cherie isn’t convinced that she’ll join her castmates for Season 2.

The Netflix star was going through quite a bit while filming the first season. She was pregnant with her second child with her boyfriend Jessey Lee.

She was also grieving the loss of her mom –who had passed away right before cameras started rolling. However, Cherie admitted that the show helped with her grief.

“I wanted to dedicate every second to taking care of my mom,” admitted Cherie.

“And the crazy thing is right before we started filming, my mom had passed away. So it gave me time to share that grief. And actually, I’m so grateful for the show because it helped me with grief,” she added.

Cherie’s storyline also focused on her relationship with Jessey. After getting tired of waiting for him to propose, she took matters into her own hands during the finale.

He said yes, and fans would no doubt love to see how the rest of their story plays out. But unfortunately, we may miss out, since the couple is still on the fence about returning.

Cherie and Jessey may not return for another season of Bling Empire

During her interview, the Bling Empire star was asked about news of a Season 2 renewal.

“We don’t know about Season 2 yet,” responded Cherie. “We are definitely feeling a lot of love and a lot of attention and we’re all grateful for it but we’re pretty tired.”

As for whether or not she and Jessey would return to the show, the mom-of-two admitted, “Jessey and I talked about it. We were thinking we might not do it, or we might do it.”

“We’re not sure yet,” continued Cherie. “Cause…he’s very busy at work. And me, I’m busy with two little, little, little babies. So yeah, they need my attention.”

Will you miss Cherie Chan’s presence on the show if she decides not to return?

Season 1 of Bling Empire is currently available on Netflix.

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