Chelsea Houska slammed by Teen Mom 2 fans following Aubree Says launch

Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2.
Teen Mom 2 fans are calling out Chelsea Houska on prices for Aubree Says line. Pic credit: MTV

Chelsea Houska revealed that today is launch day for the highly-anticipated Aubree Says home goods line she has been working on.

She has been talking about this for months, sharing tidbits of what she has been working on as she goes.

Now that the website is live, the response is a bit underwhelming.

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What are Teen Mom 2 fans saying about Aubree Says?

On Instagram, Chelsea Houska revealed that Aubree Says was finally live.

She did receive several comments congratulating her on her launch day, but those were mixed in between many unhappy comments about price points.

One follower said, “Wow everything is so expensive? 60$ for a blanket LOL.”

Another responded, “I love your items, I’m sorry I cannot afford them [sad face].”

Pic credit: @chelseahouska/Instagram

There are various items to purchase from the launch collection. From prints to hang on the wall to candles and blankets, it was a modest first line from Chelsea Houska.

The photos used on the website were of her and her family, including all of her children and her husband, Cole DeBoer.

What is Chelsea Houska up to now that Teen Mom 2 is a closed chapter?

Last fall, Chelsea Houska decided to close the chapter on Teen Mom 2 and move on with her life. The decision wasn’t taken lightly, but she did mention filming was no longer a good fit for herself and her family.

While working on building their dream home, Chelsea and Cole DeBoer have been sharing their projects on social media. The couple was slammed for their baby gate after some Teen Mom 2 fans felt the choice was “unsafe.”

In just a few weeks, Chelsea Houska will welcome her fourth child. She and Cole are expecting another little girl, bringing their total to two girls and one boy, plus Aubree. While he isn’t Aubree’s biological father, Cole has taken the time to invest in her life and show up for her on all fronts.

As for what is next with Aubree Says, Teen Mom 2 fans will have to follow Chelsea Houska and the Aubree Says Instagram page for updates on more launches and the availability of products.

For now, Chelsea is relishing in her new freedom without the cameras following the family 24/7 and gearing up for the arrival of her new baby girl. 2021 is a new year for Chelsea Houska and one she won’t forget.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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