Chelsea Houska continues to get hate as Teen Mom 2 critics blast furniture choices inside ‘ugly’ house

Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom 2
Chelsea Houska has been criticized a lot for her house and her home goods line. Pic credit: MTV

It seems like nothing that Chelsea Houska does lately makes her Teen Mom 2 critics happy – at least not when it comes to her new house or how she likes to decorate.

Ever since Chelsea showed off her brand new, custom-built black house, comments about how “ugly” it is have been pouring in.

Of course, there are plenty of people who suggest Chelsea should ignore the haters and make her house look however she wants, but they have been outweighed lately by the naysayers who are put off by the color scheme of the house and apparently don’t care much for the things she wants inside it either.

Chelsea called out for furniture

On an Instagram account dedicated to the progress of their new home, Chelsea shared several pictures of the furniture and home decor that has already been placed inside.

The picture of the open floorplan living/dining room showed off huge windows, vaulted ceilings, a gorgeous leather couch with matching chair, and a sleek set of pub chairs neatly lined up.

The photo looked like something out of a magazine but still, Teen Mom 2 critics had something to say.

“I really love your home, but I think this living room deserves much more than this. No hate, just a opinion,” one commenter wrote.

Another wrote, “Beautiful but needs some home touches to make it ‘comfy.'”

Yet another suggested that the room needs a “big sectional” for the family, while another of the endless suggestions was that Chelsea should remove the plain chairs that sat in front of the window.

Hopefully, she won’t be offended by the person who said that the living room looked like a hotel lobby.


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Chelsea Houska’s house has already been called ugly

The latest criticism for Chelsea Houska’s new house comes after several Teen Mom 2 viewers called out the outside of the house too.

Chelsea and Cole’s home features a dark exterior and a black roof. It’s quite a unique look that, apparently, many don’t enjoy as much as they do.

In fact, when Chelsea recently shared a picture of the home as it was nearing completion, much of the feedback was that the house was “ugly” and that she should consider painting the outside walls a lighter color and not have a black roof. Good thing none of the naysayers actually have to live in it.

As if that’s not enough, Chelsea has also been receiving backlash for showing off her new home goods line called Aubree Says after she recently shared a photo of a dresser that didn’t get any love.

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