Chef Rachel Hargrove sounds off on her Below Deck behavior

Rachel Hargove opens up about Below Deck outburst in front of Captain Lee.
Rachel has nothing but love for Captain Lee. Pic credit: Bravo

Chef Rachel Hargrove sounds off on her Below Deck behavior, including her infamous preference sheet meeting outburst.

The Below Deck chef is now a legend on the Bravo show. Rachel’s cooking skills continue to earn her a lot of praise, even from Captain Lee Rosbach.

It is not only her culinary ability that has fans talking about Rachel. She will forever be known as the chef who said, “eat my cooter” and “go f**k yourself” during a preference sheeting meeting with Captain Lee. Rachel quit amid the meeting but then pleaded with Captain Lee to take her back the next day.

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Since the outburst, Rachel’s drunken behavior has come into question by the My Seanna crew, especially bosun Eddie Lucas.

Rachel tells her side of the story

The chef got real with E! News regarding her outburst. Rachel set the record straight on why she lost it and if he has regrets about the incident.

“In retrospect, knowing the guests themselves, they’re amazing. But, the sheet itself warranted that reaction. I’m gonna own that s**t,” Rachel said.

She explains the misunderstanding regarding her cursing out Captain Lee, which she didn’t do at all. Fans who listen closely to Rachel’s outburst can hear her saying, “go f**k yourself,” then looking at the captain. According to the chef, her reaction is directed at the entire situation, not anyone in particular.

“I would never tell Lee exactly himself to go f**k himself,” says Rachel.

A lot was happening that day, including Rachel learning the coronavirus pandemic was starting to affect Italy. Rachel’s concern for her boyfriend Vincenzo, who lives in Italy, was in overdrive at that point.

Eddie Lucas drama

It is no secret Rachel and Eddie have issues this season on Below Deck. The chef spoke out about it early on in the season.

However, the chef didn’t realize Eddie has such a problem with her until watching the recent crew night out on Below Deck.

“I was surprised with the comments I saw in like, the last episode. Why didn’t he just come and tell me, you know?” she expresses in the interview.

Yep, Rachel thinks Eddie should just talk to her instead of about her. As for Eddie’s comments that Rachel is classless, well, she explains, “everybody has moments.”

There is still a lot of drama to play out on Below Deck Season 8, especially as the coronavirus pandemic heats up. Izzy Wouters’ illness has fans thinking she has COVID-19.

Plus, viewers will have a front-row seat to watching the tension between Eddie Lucas and Rachel Hargrove mount.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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