CDC Investments LLC on 90 Day Fiance: The secret behind the Potthast family business

Elizabeth Potthast confronting her family. Pic Credit: TLC

Fans of the 90 Day Fiance franchise have their favorites. One couple at the top of their list is Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet. The two met while in Dublin, Ireland, where they immediately applied for the K-1 visa.

Now that viewers have been able to get to know the couple, they have also been lucky or unlucky enough, depending on who you ask, to get to know the entire Potthast family. While getting to know Elizabeth’s extended family tree, fans have been introduced to Chuck Potthast.

The Potthast family likes to sell homes

The entire family lives in Tampa, Florida, where the whole household works under Chuck’s real estate business umbrella. The patriarch’s employees include Elizabeth, Charlie Potthast, Becky Potthast Lichtwerch, Daniel Potthast, and Jenn Potthast Davis. Chuck owns CDC Capital Investments LLC.

From watching the past seasons, fans have learned that some of the Potthast children act as real estate agents while others act as contractors and flippers. The Potthast family tries to portray that they run an upstanding house flipping business; many have noted that some information just doesn’t add up.

90 Day Fiance fans think Chuck Potthast is a slumlord

On the Better Business Bureau website, CDC Capital Investments LLC has a B- rating and is not accredited with the BBB. One complaint made in January of 2019 showed a disgruntled customer.  

The unhappy patron wrote, “My wife and I were looking for another place to live after the place we had been living at was sold. Our credit score was not the best. They stated as long as we pay first month’s rent, deposit, and last month’s rent along with a pet deposit, they would rent us this property.”

The user continued on, saying, “We paid them $4,585 upfront before we moved in. In November, we had a stranger come to our door asking about the foreclosure status of the property. We were informed by CDC Capital that there was nothing to worry about, that the owner of the property had lost it in bankruptcy, and they were working on purchasing the property to continue to rent it out, and if they did not purchase it, we would still have at least six months before the bank would make contact with us.”

Chuck Potthast
Chuck Potthast talking to the TLC camera. Pic Credit: TLC

Sadly the misguided renters revealed they received a notice on January 16, 2019, advising them that they had 30 days to move or they would be evicted from the home by the bank that took over the property from CDC Capital. 

Andrei is now working with Chuck

The renters ended their lengthy complaint saying, “We made contact with CDC Capital on January 17, 2019, and they stated they would call us back in ten minutes. Since then, we have not received any return phone calls or emails from them in reference to the money we have paid to them or any refund of that money.” 

Additional grievances accuse the company of not answering their phone or having a voice mail to leave complaints. 90 Day Fiance fans also took to Reddit to explain that private equity firms like CDC Investments LLC have been buying trailer parks around the United States and increasing rent on their lower-income tenants, which left many with a bad taste in their mouths. 

As the new season is unfolding, it looks like Andrei is ready to get in on the family business since he has just started working with Chuck. The Moldovian passed his real estate exam and is looking to get into the house-flipping business so he can provide for his family. 

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Airs Sunday at 8 pm EST on TLC

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