Cassie Randolph’s rumored boyfriend supposedly wrote a song about Colton Underwood’s legal drama

Cassie Randolph
Cassie Randolph’s supposed boyfriend releases a song about Colton Underwood. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor winner Cassie Randolph decided that it was best to break things off with Colton Underwood before things got too serious.

The two decided to just be boyfriend and girlfriend after The Bachelor finale, as she questioned whether she really wanted a relationship with him.

Colton did tell the media that his engagement ring to Cassie would be perfect when he decided to propose to her, but the two never made it that far.

Earlier in 2020, it was revealed that they had broken up and that Colton was acting weird toward her, including putting a tracking device on her car and showing up at her apartment in the middle of the night.

After their split, there were rumors that Cassie had moved on with a musician, but she never confirmed that news.

Cassie Randolph hasn’t confirmed that she’s dating anyone

Even though Cassie never did confirm that she was dating someone else, that news may have been confirmed by him, as he supposedly wrote a song about Colton’s behavior.

“Umm Cassie’s aspiring musician alleged boyfriend Brighton just released a song,” a caption read on a post shared by @bachelornation.scoop.

“Where he references Colton putting a tracker on Cassie’s car and calls Cassie ‘my baby.’ The song heavily implies he’s dating Cassie.”

Cassie Randolph
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

The song, called Creep, can be found on Spotify. Here are the lyrics, which make it hard to argue that the song isn’t about Colton.

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood have both kept a low profile

Of course, we can’t confirm that Cassie is indeed dating the musician named Brighton. She has kept a low profile since splitting from Colton earlier this year. Colton himself has completely wiped his Instagram account and he briefly appeared on his Instagram Stories over Christmas.

Back in September, we reported that Cassie claimed she lived in fear and she was worried about her safety as Colton was stalking her.

She got a restraining order to protect herself, but months later she decided to drop it.

In October, she took an extra step to protect herself by filing a police report. She wanted the police to know what she had been going through and how Colton had placed a tracking device on her car.

Colton decided to take a step backward and delete everything. He has yet to resurface as the old Colton that Bachelor fans know, and Cassie continues to spend time with her family.

Colton has been in Colorado with his family and spending some time in Los Angeles, but staying away from Cassie.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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