Cassie Randolph opens up about the awful time after breaking up with Colton Underwood

Cassie Randolph
Cassie Randolph reveals she’s had some tough months. Pic credit: ABC

Cassie Randolph announced alongside Colton Underwood that they were breaking up.

The couple had been dating since Colton’s season of The Bachelor, which aired in 2019.

The split came as a shock to many, as Cassie and Colton had always done things on their own terms, including not getting engaged on the show.

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They revealed they would continue to date after the show ended. And Colton had previously mocked The Bachelor franchise, saying that he would get Cassie a ring when the time was right, hinting he didn’t need the ABC franchise to buy it for him.

But now, Cassie is opening up on Instagram about her feelings after splitting up from Colton. And staying true to herself, she’s doing this in her own way.

Cassie Randolph opens up about awful months after splitting from Colton

Cassie posted a long caption on one of her photos, revealing that she has struggled to make sense of it all. She starts off by saying that for the past two years, she’s been forced into a spotlight, making it hard for her to live a normal life.

She explains that she thought this would give her a platform, but she has found that this kind of attention actually removes her voice completely. It’s been a paralyzing experience for her and she admits that she hasn’t always had the thick skin to deal with it all.

Cassie then points to constant drama, fake articles, nasty DMs on social media and rumours.

Cassie Randolph
Pic credit: @cassierandolph/Instagram

Like Colton, Cassie also takes aim at The Bachelor franchise, revealing that she could go into great detail about The Bachelor being an edited television show.

Of course, her caption also mentions her breakup with Colton, writing that she wants to tell people to stop hating on her split from him. She then reveals that she’s gone through an awful few months and she’s still dealing with the fall-out of the breakup.

Cassie Randolph
Pic credit: @cassierandolph/Instagram

She also explains that people don’t know anything about her breakup and she wants people to please stop talking about her life as if they know something about it.

Using her platform and this long caption to bring attention to her feelings, Cassie also asks people to please pay attention to important issues right now, such as Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, politics in the country, and social injustice.

Cassie Randolph
Pic credit: @cassierandolph/Instagram

The former Bachelor star reveals she took a break from social media and focused on herself, which included dyeing her own hair, going surfing, getting a tattoo and more. She ends her long caption by saying that she’s trying not to overthink everything but that she is appreciative of people who reached out to her with positive messages.

Cassie Randolph
Pic credit: @cassierandolph/Instagram

When Cassie and Colton announced they had broken up at the end of May, they both shared heartfelt messages about one another. They both confirmed they were breaking up because they had become friends and had grown apart.

Cassie Randolph had an ER visit in the months before her breakup announcement

During their last couple of months together, Cassie and Colton stayed with her family because Colton caught COVID-19. He stayed isolated as he recovered over a few weeks. Before this, the couple had been in quarantine together.

One night they decided to break quarantine and go into the ocean near her parents’ house. Here, she got hurt.

Cassie was rushed to the emergency room after being stung by a stingray. At the time, they revealed that it was a horrible mistake and encouraged others to stay inside, as going to the emergency room at this point in time was dangerous and stupid.

It was only a few days later that Colton tested positive for COVID-19.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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